YouTuber's Experience Buying a House in Taiwan

This is one of my favorite foreigner YouTubers in Taiwan. I’m not sure if he’s a member here, or if his house-buying story has already been posted, but if not here it is. I hope it’s OK to post it in this thread.

It’s interesting to compare his story with other stories of frustration, anti-foreigner practices, and just plain deceit. I like that he’s honest about his own shortcomings in the process as well.


Thanks for the link. I have subscribed to his channel. He’s a very likeable young man.

IMVHO I feel that he made a super rookie mistake by not hiring a professional and competent real estate attorney to protect his rights through the entire process beginning to end.

When my wife and I bought our houses and land, we didn’t muck around with any of the details on our own. She went out and hired a very tenacious attorney to handle everything. We had zero problems with all of our purchases over the years. The money we spent on the attorney was money well spent and I will do it again for our next purchase.

Why? Because integrity and honor do not exist in Taiwan. There are no laws, no rules, no standards of conduct that can’t be circumvented if someone simply feels that they don’t want to follow them. Having a sharp attorney protecting your rights at all times, especially on big ticket items like a purchase of land or a home, is key. Live and learn.

I hope he doesn’t get sued by the real estate company or his previous crap attorney he fired for defamation of character through his own words on his video. That’s more woe that he doesn’t need to deal with at this point.


How much is a real estate attorney in Taiwan to buy a house?

How long is a piece of string?


You need to post his other video too, where he talks about the problems with that house after he bought it.

What’s the channel? There is no option to watch on YouTube so I can’t see it.

Weird. Normally when others post a video, I have that option.

You don’t know Xiao Fei?



No. Never heard of him.

He’s quite well known among fans of the great Taiwan outdoors.


Xiao Fei is awesome and deserves more views than gets. He actually provides useful, informative and interesting content mostly playing in the outdoors in Taiwan. Contrast that with the top foreign YouTubers and it’s the same 台灣好棒棒 regurgitated crap of let’s film foreigners eating Taiwanese food.


Been following Asher since his channel began I think.

I mean there is no reason to expect a house built in that era to not have leaks. Even if seller “does” something about it, it would be the bare minimum and the most superficial things, like painting a coat of water proof paint or at most inject some epoxy into the walls. The workers here won’t make sure the epoxy results in a good seal either.

Anyway, buying a house build more than 10 years ago means dealing with leaks regularly. I once saw an apartment house and their Condominium Administration’s solution to leaks is to buy a dozen buckets of water proof paint, whosoever place is leaking can take a bucket and paint the roof themselves.

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That is why I normally stay away from them. Boring.

Just watched that one yesterday, can’t believe how he handled purchasing the house given how long he’s lived in Taiwan, he should have known far better.

Absolutely, would not even consider doing it any other way!

He skates very close to the edge, if not over it, in the video. I certainly wouldn’t be publishing what he said and showed on Youtube, doesn’t even help his case at all so pointless as well as very risky. Have a bet with the wife on how long before he’s sued and how long before he starts a go fund me or similar!


Oh, I know that one. Ku’s dream.

Yeah, he should have known the whole “cha bu duo” mentality…

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I hate that term.
Anyway this is more about selling a house with the knowledge of its shortcomings, taking advantage of an inexperienced foreigner. But I agree with SuperS54, should not buy a house without expertise or consulting an expert.

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Hopefully it all works out, that’s a lot of money.
I like the massive house and the layout but my God does money not buy you pretty in Taiwan. Kings of the fugly this country.


He’s one but the one I was thinking of that makes me cringe is 莫彩曦 (1.57M subscribers). I do not understand the appeal.


Wow, I would say that’s high praise but I can’t even find one foreign YouTuber in Taiwan that I care to watch at all.

There were a few Tiktok foreigners in Taiwan a year or two ago that I liked but now Tiktok foreigners in Taiwan have mostly degraded to foreign girls in Taiwan that found out they have breasts and that breasts attract followers.


I love your post @MalcolmReynolds but I understand his video to be mocking himself—he represented himself legally and royally f&cked up.

That small point aside: aiyaiyai what a story! :grimacing: