Yuanlin Changhua County

I’m wondering if anyone can tell me about Yuanlin township in Changhua county. What is it like? How’s the weather? Is there an expat community? What can you do there?
Are there easily accessible hiking trails/outdoor activities?


I’m wondering if anyone can tell me about Yuanlin township in Zhanghua county. What is it like? How’s the weather? Is there an expat community? What can you do there?
Are there easily accessible hiking trails/outdoor activities?

Weather is as good as it gets in Taiwan, pretty hot in summer, Town is a little 3rd world in parts but everything pretty close together so easy to find your way around, ( unless you are Taiwanese :wink: )Not much expat community…few USA, South Africa expats…more in Taichung, which is 40 minutes drive away. Mosquitos a bit more of a problem than in City as there are quite a few open drains to help breed them faster. Some great Mountain scenery very close. Not a lot to do I’m afraid but a good Bar called Hi-Relax busy at weekends.Quite a few nice places nearby to visit.Cheaper than Taichung , generally.

Yuanlin is a fairly typical small Taiwanese city… there’s a good coffee shop (the right house), an old day market, at least a couple of night markets, plenty of decent local restaurants (and a few exceptional ones), and a strip with some fancy upmarket eateries I haven’t yet bothered to sample. You might end up starved for social contact but it doesn’t take long to head north to Taichung… and Taipei is only three hours a way or so if you need a big weekend out. Hiking and outdoor activities can be found if you head east into the hills. If you ride a scooter Nantou city is only about 40 minutes away… and there’s plenty more to do beyond that.

Bring a sense of adventure and big sunglasses. Lay down the law early.
Choose sides carefully.

Quite a few foreigners in Yuanlin as it’s a large and quite livable place.

There was a lady who hit 8 cars and drove recklessly. It was on the news. It has 2 decent grocery stores, decent restaurants and it’s a very large(area wise) city. The inner core is packed, but the outer areas are less packed, but it seems everyone and their mother has bought a house there for some reason. It’s a good central location to travel. Tianwei Flower Market is about 20 minutes away.

I’d make a list of what you want to do with your year there and see if it’s a good fit.

How do you define “quite a few?” A dozen?

I’d say almost 2 dozen, there are some large kindies and a lot of cram schools. It’s also the most livable place in Changhua County. If a rumored Costco goes in, then it’ll be way better than Changhua City, but that’s a low bar.

I’m hoping to move to Yuan Lin in the near future. I’ve lived in Caotun before, just over the mountain. Great area for scootering around. I hope to meet some people once I am there. Cheers!

Yuanlin is in the news.

So they’ve got no evidence and just suspect things. Need to work harder!

Don’t know why people would risk so many years in jail for some quick money here, they never learn. Perhaps they hope to make enough in one go to leave before getting caught? Been earning substantial amounts for a few years already it looks like, didn’t know to call it quits.

For reference, some info about Yuanlin from my blog:

Hi Xeni, how do you find living in Tainan compares to living in Changhua or Yuanlin, if you don’t mind me asking?

Tainan is a real city with many different places to eat and hang out with tons of historic sites to see. I mostly work by myself and haven’t really met anyone there so it gets to be a bit of a drag… which is one reason I venture up to Yuanlin to see friends.

Yuanlin, by comparison, is probably the smallest city in Taiwan that still has whatever you need (apart from the big nightlife and international cultural options of Taipei). There’s good food, good coffee, shops for most of your needs, a ratty old cinema for when you want a night out, two or three humble night markets for a bit of variety, and some bars that I’ve never been to. Surprisingly, one of my favourite restaurants in all Taiwan (Xiemigou, info on my blog) is here in Yuanlin. Recently I also found what might end up being my favourite doujiang in the country (not sure of the name; it’s on the west side of town on a major road paralleling the railroad). If you’re focused on work and don’t need a lot of meaningful human contact (assuming you don’t speak a lot of Chinese) then Yuanlin has everything you need… and it is centrally located in case you want to head up to Taichung to go to an art gallery or whatever. Actually, half of the fun of staying in Yuanlin is going on small day trips to nearby towns; Lukang, Wufeng, Nantou, Jiji, Checheng, Caotun, Zhongxing, and Xiluo (among others) are easily within reach if you have a scooter or bicycle, and all offer some interesting sights and experiences if you’re into Taiwanese culture and history, as I am.

Personally, I’d never want to live in either Tainan or Yuanlin for long; I need big city culture and only Taipei has anything like it here in Taiwan. But for a few months here and there? Not bad at all, though it sure helps to already know people wherever you go.

In case anyone out there is interested in a night market schedule for Yuanlin and Changhua:
synapticism.com/changhua-county- … -schedule/

Here’s the original in Chinese:
isahooay.pixnet.net/blog/post/26 … F%E8%A1%A8

It misses the large one in Tianwei Flower Market parking lot on Saturday.

Thanks, I’ll add that one to the list.

I updated the night market schedule after visiting a few more. Beidou’s Thursday night market is actually pretty good!
synapticism.com/changhua-county- … -schedule/

And here’s one of the two cafes I work in when I’m in Yuanlin:

I have been posting up a storm about all things Chang Hua but haven’t updated this thread in a while. Feel welcome to nose around my blog if you’re curious. A few highlights…

Jingcheng Night Market (one of the biggest in the county):

A tour of the county capital:
synapticism.com/a-photographic-t … ghua-city/

A historic residence:
synapticism.com/a-historic-resid … -changhua/

Note that you may need to change the “z” for “c” in some of those URLs; the forum filters “Changhua” to give the correct (but non-standard) romanization.

There’s actually a really nice apartment on the top of the Golden Empire building in Yuanlin. I often wonder why neither it nor Golden Horse in Changhua City haven’t been converted into office space.