Yuteh Bilingual School located in Tucheng

This is a warning to any teacher that is even potentially thinking of working at this school: DON’T. Yuteh is a nightmare! This private school is for show.

Def one of the worst schools I’ve experienced in Taiwan. When I tell you this school is a Vile dirty JOKE…do not let the big new building fool you. Trust me they paint a good picture to parents but this is every teacher’s nightmare. You are literally a slave working for peanut money with unruly kids that can get away with anything. There is absolutely no support as foreign teachers. You are always WRONG. The teachers who are good and professional are underpaid because they don’t kiss the butts of the administrations. You’re rewarded for being incompetent as long as the admin likes you.

The amount of paperwork you have to finish is unbelievable. Not to mention that they randomly deduct money from your pay with no explanation or completely forgetting to pay you all while having the audacity to ask you to wait for the next pay cycle in the following month. There is no law of Taiwan that applies to yuteh. They are literally their own law there. Do anything and I do mean anything.

The environment among foreign teachers is hostile and down right either awkward or uncomfortable. Students are pushed up in grades bc they can’t fail or mommy and daddy will pull them out and the money goes elsewhere, something that YUTEH will not allow (not that mist of the teachers care). Just HORRIBLE which explains the the high turn over rate. Most people don’t last beyond a year or two and those that do, well, mentally let’s just say they’re very …special or conditioned even.

Good luck if you sign that contract. Not worth it.


Oh my but welcome to Forumosa!


I live in the area and I don’t know anyone who has sent their kids there. I’ve heard pretty negative things about it , this is not the first time.

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Thank you! I just had to get this vent off. I wouldn’t want anyone other person to go through that.

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I wish I would have gotten that memo. Since I search the group for any pass information about the school and I couldn’t find any, I said let me do this and make sure this gets out there.

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I think the school has been mentioned before maybe not directly by name. To start with they say its located next to a beautiful wetland well actually it’s a flood plain known as Riverside park , the Wetland is further to the left. However they leave out the part of it also bring next to a major highway over pass, a major road, plus a few tire works and chemical factories. :rofl:

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Almost all ESL teachers encounter it during their stay. Or at least hear all the horror stories. I completely understand your need to vent. I had a similar situation with a buxiban during my time.

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Not to mention roach and rat infested! :exploding_head:

I just found Info about them being a part of the list for the private schools here in Taiwan but nothing related to job experience. If there’s anything about that, can you send me the link please ?

To respond to the OP, I’m currently at the school and can confirm everything said. The school loves to inflate students’ score to keep parents happy. You as a foreign teacher are told that students cannot get anything below 95 and if you don’t want to “fix” the scores they do it for you and you get surprised when you see the students’ final scores. Teachers are explicitly told that “this is a business” and to “keep parents happy”. Yet, parents cannot make a connection between test scores and exam scores. Some teachers even have kids write the same test multiple times to improve scores and coach students on coming tests just to keep the facade going. I personally, can’t wait to get out.


Def can sign on this. I think a lot of the students there needs special education classes, however neither the parents or school want to admit to that. To save face as usual :roll_eyes: I wish I can say they actually have standards but that’s clearly non-existence. The foreign teachers are just seen as easily replaceable. If you’re not strong mentality to deal with the students and admin, you can easily just screw up your mental health and have a bad look at the Taiwanese educational culture which is not fair. I hope you find something better. Thanks for confirming that I’m not crazy.

My experience at Yuteh has been the exact opposite of @Starlite and @Expat123

I have been there a while and have seen the school grow tremendously. As with all private schools, yes it is a business and partly run as such. You need to keep that in mind when working at any private school in Taiwan.

Although it is a business, it is most certainly a school. I have had the pleasure of working along side many talented, hard working professional teachers and admin there. Most teachers there take their job seriously and are there to actually teach and educate the students. The workload is exactly what a teacher is expected to do. Teach, administer tests, assign work and grade your assignments. Nothing out of the ordinary with that.

The school has an established curriculum and tests, worksheets, quizzes, etc are available for teachers to use or you have the freedom to make your own. When new texts are introduced, then everyone chips in to make tests and worksheets for the new curriculum.

The school also pays for online subscriptions to professional teaching sites like education.com and others. Teachers can use that for free to supplement their teaching.

The facilities are newer and kept clean as best as possible. The teachers and students are expected to clean their own classrooms, as with most every school in Taiwan. It really depends on the diligence of the teachers as to how clean their room is. There are cleaning aunties and uncles who clean the halls, bathrooms and common areas. There are roaches in the school, but they spray every quarter to keep them in check. Show me any building in Taiwan that is roach free. Doubt it exists. My classroom has been roach free all year because I work hard with the Chinese teacher to keep the room clean and teach the kids to do the same.

Pay has not been a problem for me. Ever. If you make it through your probationary first year, your salary steadily goes up. I have been fortunate to have been able to buy a house and live a very comfortable life with the generous salary + bonuses from the school. But that is money I earned by doing my job well. I have never been cheated out of any money or paid incorrectly. The accounting staff are quite friendly and helpful if you approach them professionally and not combative.

There are penalties (consequences) for clocking in late or not showing up to work. It is a school! Teacher punctuality is important! So if you are late, you need to take leave and it does effect your monthly attendance bonus. Certainly not unreasonable.

Yuteh has been growing quickly and the highschool has an international program linked to Australia. The staff is diverse too. There are teachers hired to teach Spanish, German, English, Math, Science, Geography, Art, PE, etc. The Spanish teachers are from Spanish speaking countries, which I think is really cool in Taiwan. The foreign teaching staff hail from all over the world. There is no racial discrimination at all. Diversity is encouraged and celebrated at Yuteh.

For me, my time there has been largely positive. I have grown a lot as a teacher there and plan on retiring from there.

I’m sorry your experience has been the opposite. If you need help, we are all there to assist. If you feel the workload is too much, all of us there can help you out. It can be tough the first year there getting the feel for how things work. But once you get the hang of it, establish solid classroom management and routines, then it becomes much easier.

The kids are good. They do come from wealthy families and some are obviously spoilt, but as a teacher we are expected to teach them all…that includes teaching behavior. Any school in the world faces the same challenges with students. If you have a few troublesome students, let admin know and they can help out.

Grades are not doctored as stated previously. I submit the actual scores my students earn, be it a 0 or 100. I have never been told to doctor a score.

At Yuteh, you are hired to be a professional teacher. The duties of a teacher go along with that. If you teach, do your duties and work hard, then you get back what you put in.

I wish you all the best and hope things can improve for you. If you need help, don’t hesitate to ask. Many teachers’ doors are always open.

I want to add one more thought.
In regards to teacher turnover, the teachers that don’t last a year at Yuteh tend to be teachers carrying a lot of baggage from a previous job / school. They don’t let go of the negativity and instead it festers and makes having a new, fresh, positive experience hard.

The ones that stay tend to be those who have a positive outlook and good work ethic.

Try not to let past negative experiences spoil new opportunities.

  1. Ok I’d like to ask you as you say diversity is encouraged there. What is the average age of your teaching staff ? As you said you wish to teach until you retire there.

  2. You say the students are from wealthy families, what do you mean by that ? Can you provide us with semester fees.? Taipei American School and The European School, are expensive. How does your school compare? I would guess far cheaper considering the location being on or next to an industrial site.

  3. What is your average class size?

  4. What qualifications do your teachers require to teach math, science , English etc ?

  5. Is it untrue that your school (not You personally) inflate your scores to please parents as the other poster states ? It sounds plausible as there are many private schools which also do that. However, feel free to correct this as that as what he/she said. Can your school or does your school fail students? I doubt that many considering Taiwan’s declining birth rate.

  6. He said it was cockroach infested. You replied with something like well where isn’t it cockroach infested in Taipei . It is true that many places are infested. However not all schools. Are you saying he is wrong about this or that he/she is just not keeping his/her classroom clean? He/she also said rats? Is that true ? You are also.saying that a cleaner does not clean the classrooms but only the hallways etc is that correct ? Most schools I know have a cleaner (of course teachers should keep their classrooms clean) but are you seriously suggesting they mop the entire floor of the classroom ? I’ve never heard of teachers doing that in schools.
    I’d just like the answer to get a clearer picture as I know many people in this area. I hadn’t even heard of the school until noticing it about 1 year ago. Those two teachers sound pretty pissed off and you’re post is almost entirely opposite to theirs.

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As there you go folks, this is the “pretty picture/facade” that they paint. Talking about most teachers are there to assist? Most teachers don’t even have the common courtesy to bid each other the time of the day. Again, I don’t know what rock you’re working under but majority of the staff are disgruntled and have spoken to each other but they have tried to avoid the school’s pets that are known to run everything they hear to admin. Again, lucky you that your experience has been pleasant, but I’m sure if you speak to MOST teachers, you’ll hear about their pays getting docked or late without explanation and other grievances. And about the grades, they DO doctor grades, and I will not argue that. It is a fact. There have been experiences where admin blatantly said students can’t get below an 85 and this was said in staff meetings so please spare me the butterflies and rainbow stories to try cover up and save face. It won’t work today.


Foreign teaching staff ranges from early 30s to a couple teachers in their early 60s.

Taiwanese staff are the same.

Parents are indeed wealthy. The drive new BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Tesla, etc. Business owners, TV actors, Doctors, Surgeons, etc etc.

Idk the current tuition cost, but I know it is on par with schools like Kangchiao. I think they are all in the same tuition ballpark.

English classes max out at about 29 students. Chinese homerooms are at about 36.

I believe for Elementary a teaching license from their home country and of course a university degree is required. For high school, I believe your license needs to be for the subject you teach.

I can only say what my experience has been over the years. I have never been told to change a grade. I have never been told to add fake grades to boost an average.

I have been asked why certain students have low scores compared to classmates. I needed to show the work history of those students and was asked to give the entire class a few more assignments to work on that could add to the average and give the student a chance to earn more.

It’s not infested. It just has roaches here and there. I guess that could be an infestation.

I have never seen rats or their droppings. But I did see a small mouse once two years ago out in the hall.

The students mop the classroom floor twice a day. Once after lunch and once after afternoon snack before going home. Chinese homeroom teachers along with Foreign teachers are expected to clean what the students missed and keep things tidy. All public schools do the same by the way.

The location is unfortunate. It wasn’t the first choice when they were planning the school. It’s the only land near Taipei they could get at the time. Tucheng is industrial, hard to deny that. But, the school grounds are pretty nice. The kids have a big open grass field to play on (kind of muddy now with all the rain), a small running track, new basketball courts and a climbing play structure.


You don’t know who I am.
Please don’t post false things about me. I have tried offering you my honest opinion and experience. I am extending a helping hand to you to see if there is anything any of us at Yuteh can do to help you out.

Your experience sounds terrible and I am sorry you’ve not had a nicer time. I hope it can be better for you because I know it can be.

“Yuteh has been growing quickly and the highschool has an international program linked to Australia. The staff is diverse too. There are teachers hired to teach Spanish, German, English, Math, Science, Geography, Art, PE, etc. The Spanish teachers are from Spanish speaking countries, which I think is really cool in Taiwan. The foreign teaching staff hail from all over the world. There is no racial discrimination at all. Diversity is encouraged and celebrated at Yuteh.”

The language teachers are Taiwanese what are you talking about? There are no Spanish speaking teachers

Yes, there are.
Maybe you have not met them.
Do you teach in the elementary or junior/senior high?

I know that’s obvious it was like a propaganda post from North Korea. I don’t know what is true or not and no offense as I don’t know you. My post was just to get some actual facts. As for doctoring scores I was going to tell you before the school said they don’t do it, that it is extremely common here and there are ways around it. For example if they say an 80.is the lowest then think of it on a scale of roughly 1 to 20.points with 1 being 80 and 20 being 100. Most parents talk with each other so if one student is getting constant 80s and another mostly over 95s they figure it out.
When you said they doctored scores or changed scores that’s highly believable. And when they said they don’t my bullsh.t detector went off.
And if the ydoctored your pay it’s often illegal so report it, never mind what’s in the contract. If you don’t show up to teach or are late they can take it off but not fine you, that’s illegal. Many schools get around that by using a bonus system.