Well, as some of you may remember, I’m getting married in two days time, and a respectable married man can’t really go gallivanting round the Internet now can he? I also have to spend a couple of weeks entertaining my guests, so will have to be away from Oriented for a while.

Also, I have a somewhat addictive personality and unless I stay away, Oriented just sucks up too much of my time, so I’ve decided to retire 1000 not out, and say goodbye. I will not be back.

As you choke back the tears, I just want to say thanks for an informative forum and a few laughs from some of you. Never did make it to a Happy Hour to meet any of you in person, but maybe I’ll make it sometime anyway. Some of you have been really helpful and/or entertaining.

Ta ta

Xie guan ling

Bri, is there going to be a second coming as the great Sir Don?

Good Luck, Bri. Hope the wedding goes well, and that your mates and family coming in from Jolly Ole have a good time!

Originally posted by Bu Lai En: so I've decided to retire 1000 not out, and say goodbye. I will not be back.

Famous last words, Bri!

Although I’m married and still gallivant … Oh, wait … you said “respectable married men.”

All the very best of luck to you and your new life/wife, although something tells me we haven’t heard the last from you.

Good lucky

Best of British, Brian. You’re worth 1,000 Gengs, and there’d still be change for a beer or two.

Never say never!
See you on the 1001st…


See you back soon, Bri.

Good luck with the wedding

Bye and Happy Marriage!

For he’s a jolly good fellow…

(feel free to add on)

I guess today is the day.

Good luck from a namesake and fellow Kiwi.

good luck

there is no way bri will stay away, any bet takers on how long.

You set the odds, and I’ll put a lazy $1k down.

bri’s wife has just brought a computer into the happy household and as Bri says he has a little bit of an addictive personality so he’s on his way, kicking and screaming on the outside but really pretty damn stoked to be back in the fray

Bri, I thought you retired on 999, yet according to official segue figures, you’ve been relegated to 998. If you plan to lodge an appeal of some sort to get that post back, I’d be happy to sit on your council. I’m sure it was 999. BTW, above post, does somebody owe me money?

Bri better post once more - 998 looks odd. Moreover, he’s been married for 6 months, to he can go back to his old self and post as a madman now.

It was a bloody thousand I retired on not 998 or even 999.

Brian :imp:

Of course my retirement was pretty lame. I managed to cold turkey for a few weeks when I got married, and then my new incarnation was supposed to be only browsing occassionally, posting only with useful information etc, but now that I’m back to reading everything but the Housing Classifieds and the America Sucks vs America Can Do No Wrong drivel, I was thinking about going back to the Bu, but nah, the Don is on.

Should be a 1000 again :smiley: