Zhongxiao-Linyi mystery restaurant

Does anyone know anything about the restaurant just south of Zhongxiao East Road on Linyi Street (last light going east before you hit Xinsheng S. Rd.)? It’s conspicuous by its architecture (multistory wood building in old Japanese(?) style), somewhat hidden entrance, security cameras, and by the prevalence of expensive cars with drivers hanging around outside.

A place popular with gangsters? Legislators? Rich folk? Rich gangster legislators?

Not sure if the same place, near ChungHsiao Road (or what ever they call the street now??), but its an expensive place that to me is overpriced, so maybe that is why so many expensive cars are over there

I know the place! I used to think it was a well-kept temple or well-designed teahouse - but that just shows how naive I was… I recently walked past the place with a Taiwanese friend who told me it WAS a restaurant, and who reminded me in no uncertain terms that it was BLOODY expensive.

Actually, it kinda looks like a pagoda. Maybe each level higher brings you closer to God, hence the exorbitant prices.


Yes Biggie, that’s exactly what i heard about the place. My GF worked in the building next to it and i used to meet her in the evening and watch the limos roll by. That was 8 years ago. I’d totally forgotten about the place and i’m very suprised that it’s still going. I’d love to go for a meal. Surely someone’s been?

I was ejected from that place when I went to wander around inside for a “look at the menu”. It might have been my face, it might have been my hairy legs and birkenstocks. The maitre d’ called the manager who made it clear the menu was not available for my perusal, walked me to the door and signalled that I should leave.

It is quite a spectacular place.

I was talking to another Taiwanese friend today about this place. He said it was actually a tea house…

Thought I had the answer, but now I’m a little fazed. :unamused: