Zhou Hua Jian / Emil Chow


Singer/actor Zhou Hua Jian’s wife is American. It was suprised to meet him at a Chinese/Taiwanese student picnic here near Denver. His wife is from here and they usually travel back here once a year for vacation. It was weird a HK/Taiwan “star” here in America. I was probably the only American who knew who he was . I guess pop stars sometimes go to LA/SanFran/NY for concerts…I wish Wong Fei (Faye Wong) would come to Denver!


Most big stars do a short American tour every few years; I remember Wang Fei did one several years back. Unfortunately, I don’t think Denver is on their itinerary…
Their usualy tour consists of San Francisco, Las Vegas and then LA, and back to Asia. Once in a while they might go to Vancouver too… but that’s usually it.

I actually think Emil is one of the better pop singer’s around… I guess he’s been doing it long enough to have accumulated a bunch of good songs…


Wong Fei did a tour in the US?!? ugh…I missed it. Hopefully I can tie in my next trip to Taiwan around her tour schedule She did a couple cranberry covers a few years back…that’s when I first heard of her. She still does lots of “popy” type songs, but I prefer her alternative sounding music.

At that picnic with Emil, many of the Chinese/Taiwanese students there started recoginizing him so he got up and did some impromptu singing and entertained the crowd for a while. He did a really good job. Very friendly–shaking hands/signing autographs for everybody.