Zhu gao zheng chinese rambo video clip

i’m making an amateur video and am looking for a video clip of zhu gao zhen (zheng?), the so-called ‘chinese rambo’. i would love to find a video clip of him pulling out the microphone wires at the legislative yuan as it is one of my good memories of taiwan during the late 80s when martial law was first lifted. if you could post with a link to a video clip of that, i would be most grateful. thanks -v

Nice to see you posting again, v. The guy you’re thinking of is Zhu Gaozheng. I remember him being described as a “battleship” rather than “Rambo”. Close enough, I guess. Can’t help you with the video though.

sjcma- thx. could you post his name in chinese characters? then i’ll google video it.



He likes to spell his name Ju Gaojeng, so you could search for that as well.