Zhubei City (竹北市)

Does anyone have updated information/advice about living in Zhubei City? (last post I searched is from 2014)

My husband and I will be moving to Zhubei this summer, because he just got a new job. I work online, so I don’t need information about work. I am just curious about what it’s like to live there. I have been living in Taipei for 2 years for comparison.

For me, I want to move somewhere quieter and with more nature closer to my home. I know Zhubei is also another city, but I’m hoping to find an apartment that’s close to nature, but also accessible to public transportation. Anyone recommend good areas to live?

Any insights or advice are appreciated :slight_smile:

Zhubei city has pretty decent transportation links, having both a train station for easy travel to Hsinchu and others. The High Speed Train also offers easy access to Taipei for reasonable rates. Most of Zhubei is brand new, with the newest building codes in Taiwan and safety features like grounded plugs.


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From the few times I’ve hung around Zhubei, it struck me as a creepy city. Plenty of tall new buildings and never more than five people in sight on any street. Feels like a shiny empty nest. You’ll definitely feel more lonely than in Taipei. Fortunately there’s the HSR taking you to Taipei in less than an hour.

As for the population, I’d expect it to be mostly engineers with families. I remember there was a plethora of private English teaching jobs that paid better than in Taipei, I expect that’s because people there have more money and more kids.

I haven’t been able to find a hiking spot at reasonable distance, but again I didn’t have a car. As far as I remember there’s no bus running into the mountains like in Taipei.

As for nature, you just need to leave the city center to be surrounded by fields, and the whole place is flat so it’s a great area for bicycles. One thing I loved was the bicycle roads running along the Touqian river. The river bed is about 500m wide and the bicycle road runs from the Nanliao fishing harbor deep into the lands. A great idea for a whole day out.

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