Zyxel P-874: No Internet Access


Just moved here and rented an apartment that has IP TV provided by CHT over Zyxel P-874 and a set-top box. TV works fine, but I am not able to connect to Internet. Even if I enable WiFi, it is the same.

Here is the link to config file, in case it helps: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_XkEAoHOrFBMDlvSkNjMF84RHM

Any ideas?


I don’t see any DNS address in your config file, so that might be why you can’t get anywhere. Try to ping

If you get a ping response from, it means your internet is fine, but you don’t have the DNS setup to translate URLs to IPs.

It’s a CHT router, so you can either try to log on to the router to see if any setting is wrong, or just called CHT and get them to fix it.

Using direct LAN connection or Wifi if it is working, to connect to your router, and try to login to your router by pointing your browser to

Depending on which region you live in, try these passwords

North: cht/chtnvdsl
Central: cht/chtcvdsl
South: cht/chtsvdsl

North: cht/chtnadsl
Central: cht/chtcadsl
South: cht/chtsadsl


Thank you hansioux!

I will check this out tonight after work. I was able to log in into
advanced menu, so it should be easy to resolve this. Probably the “Obtain
DNS from WAN” is unchecked for some reason. I would have called CHT
support, but my Mandarin needs an upgrade for that.


Go into Settings/Foreign Languages. Check Enable Enhanced Mandarin and download the expansion pack. Click OK after the download and restart.

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LOL! Wold like to try, but I am kind of worrying about the probable
side-effects of “Restart”.

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They have an English service. In the evenings after, I believe, 8pm they use an external company for translation, once you call it may take a few minutes to get the translator on the line.