Beer Alert & Directory IV


Anyone heading to England and wants to try some real ale/beer (ciders and perry too) have a look here:

Been to a couple and it's a laugh, umm, got drunk. I usually head for the ciders being a Cornish bumpkin.


Inbev wasn't interested (never was - even not in Belgium) in the micro breweries since the Belgo Brazilian connection bought Anheuser -Bush in 2008.
As for the origins of American Microbreweries, I thought I read before the knowledge came from.... :whistle:

Curious to know which good Belgian beer 7-eleven is carrying - didn't see it earlier on.


Oh thanks for the memories :wink:


Petrus, very flavorful, nice aftertaste.


Right now, 7-11 is 21% off if you buy three cans/bottles of import beer. The non-Japanese ones at my local are the Petrus Dubbel Bruin, Oettinger Hefeweissbier, Oettinger Radler and Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc.



Sat here drinking an OeTTINGER. It's ok, not a true white/wheat beer, can taste it has been rapidly brewed. In another life I was an off-licence employee and have a City & Guilds qualification in wine and beer something or other :smiley: . I like alcohol but rarely drink it these days. Expect for today and some other times, honest.


I thought the same, but then a German friend of mine explained that you have to pour it into a glass to let it open up. Not sure if you did that, but if like me you drank it straight out of the can it's no good.

I've noticed a couple of 7.5% strength beers in 7-11 recently. They're upping the ante :slight_smile:


tommy525- licensed to drink, but rarely does more then one

beer is best fresh and as such i got me a great microbrewery in berkeley to drink really fresh brewskies.


This is true of the wheat beers. But no I didn't... So maybe I'm being harsh. Same is not true when drinking red wine from the bottle with a straw, it's fantastic.

7.5%, nearly a Tenants. The offie I worked in, the best sellers were; Stella, Special Brew and Tenants. Cripple Cock cider was a top seller too and B&H best selling smokes. Classy. We sold wine too.


Pertus ,while it is the 2011 "World’s Best Speciality Pale Ale” it might hit some local guys with a hammer.
High fermentation, 5.5 pc alcohol ,a cold fridge in 7-11 and outside 35 degrees Celsius are a good mix for some nice surprises.
While I advocate and support small breweries they should have offered a refreshing Hoegaarden instead of the Ottinger which won't be up to the locals taste buds


Big beer festival in Carrefour !!! Huge discounts on all prime labels :thumbsup:


Just popped down to the small Carrefour in Taoyuan to buy some tea bags. Ended up spending 2800NT. Fantastic beers :thumbsup: :thumbsup: . Now I just have to deal with the wife :ponder: .

Asahi super dry 500mm - 128NT for 3 cans :astonished: .
Loads of Belgian beers.
Poor selection of British beers and a bit too pricey for me (120NT for a can of London Pride).
A few American and a lot of Australian beers.
Super cheap Taiwanese stuff, if anyone's tastbuds can handle it.


Carrefour in Xindian has a great sellection. belgian fruit beers, Anchor steam and the American Sarasen IPA, Pale ale, lager and black & tan. Plus more.


at least she wont be asking you all the time to get tea bags :slight_smile:


Inbev was the Anheuser-Busch of Belgium. Who cares what they think?

Whyn would the origins matter? I'm thinking you might not know the origins, anyway.


Pyramid, I presume.

Have you tried Triple Rock on Shattuck?


New to Taipei, anyone knows if I can find these beer?

  • Russian River (anything, but would be awesome if I can find Consecration and Supplication)
  • Kwak
  • Ommegang Abbey
  • Allagash White
  • Lindemans Lambic (any would be nice), the wifey loves these


Had a bottle of Monteith's single source Czech pils-style lager out of 7-11 on Sunday. From Kiwiland. Mildly hoppy but quite distinctive, at least compared to the other beers you can get at 7-11. Very very nice drop. Almost enough to get me back on the beer.


Yes we have been there remember? And yes do sometimes go to the Triple Rock on shattuck.


The "Kapuziner Weissbier" is not bad either. They've had some good stuff in 7-11 these past few weeks.