Cracking the Naturalization Language Exam - A Guide


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Just some feedback: I decided not to write the naturalization exam because I only had a few more hours to go with my "East Asian Bride" course (which I have now completed). However, a friend of mine is also applying for candidature soon, so I forwarded the "Forumosa Study Method" to her. She can't speak Mandarin, other than the usual 'please' and 'thank you'. She studied for a week, using this method. She went to write the test this morning and got 85! She only needed 60 to pass.

:thanks: So, on behalf of my friend, thank you North Coast and Bismarck! :notworthy: This does work for sure. :notworthy:


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@Northcoast_Surfer I tried the link to 4Shared, but it gave me a message that the link has expired. Do you have this posted anywhere else? Also I’m wanting to do the computerized practice tests. I wasn’t able to access those either. Thanks for the help!


I think I have it saved somewhere. Wait for me to edit this post with a download link.
Edit: I was sure I had this saved but I can’t find it anywhere. I must have gotten sidetracked on the day. Surely somebody else has a copy, hopefully somebody will go to the effort of uploading it. Or maybe even @Northcoast_Surfer will come back with it.


For the record. This is dated. I just got a new list of questions from my local Household Registration Office. There are 227 questions, no multiple choice and it is all oral. Not to mention that several of the questions posted here are with very dated information and are NOT current.


Remember, you have the right to take the test in any of Taiwan’s various quasi-official languages.

Remember also, English has just been added to that list.


The Mandarin test is obsolete now? English is an official language.


Yes, English is an official language, or will be soon. No, Mandarin is not obsolete. By rights you should be able to choose. I think you can also have it in any recognized aboriginal language.


This is that fake news again about the new premier, right?



It looks like the question list was updated July last year.

I found the oral test question list I assume is the one @KingdomofMiddag was referring to (227 questions) at:

but there was also a question list for a written exam released on the same day:

The EN FAQ (from 2015) states:

Qualified certificate of test of basic language ability in the language of our country and understanding of the basic common knowledge of national’s rights and obligations(hereinafter so called “naturalization test”) include oral and written test, 20 questions respectively for both tests, 5 points for each question, total score: 100 points)

so, do you have to do both, or either one? :slight_smile: You can choose, see below.


You can do either Oral or Written test.

Article 6 of the Standards for Identification of Basic Language Abilities and General Knowledge of the Rights and Duties of Naturalized R.O.C. Citizens says:

The naturalization test can be taken in either oral or written form. Test takers may choose one or the other in accordance with the following:

  • 1.The oraltest: answers to the questions may be given in one of the following—Mandarin, Taiwanese Hokkien, Hakka,or an indigenous language.
  • 2.The written test: multiple choice questions are to be completed in Mandarin. Each test will be made up of 20 questions.


Tse! no English yet. Can you pick any indigenous language, or just one from some list?

It seems odd to have questions in Mandarin, and answers in some other language. Or are the questions also available in multiple languages?


The article defers that matter to the Council of Indigenous Peoples (

I couldn’t quickly find a handy list for Hakka and Taiwanese, but it seems like it would exist … somewhere. For instance, the oral test practice recordings from Taipei City are available in those languages:


Question: at this moment, where do you apply to take the test? At the Household Office?

If one has a degree from ROC, does one still have to take teh test?

How about a professional license? Say, in bakery, like teh one you get after taking the national tests.