Lots of good rare finds at the new Taoyuan Carrefour


The newer huge Carrefour in Taoyuan next to Decathlon has some super rare finds!

Lucky Charms (mixed up marshmallows edition) 16oz box for 200NT

A&W Root Beer for 29NT a can
A&W Cream Soda for 24NT a can
Dr. Pepper for 24NT a can
Cherry Dr. Pepper for 27NT a can

PS4 Sony Wireless Headphones for 1800NT
Those were impossible to find in Taiwan a year ago.

Just thought I’d share my find.


Do they have the sun dried tomatoes


Sorry, didn’t see any. Only found the usual canned stewed tomatoes, etc. Next time I go, I will look for them.


Not for me, but they always have them in the Tienmu store. Kind of a benchmark


Try Cottonfields the organic food store. They had a pack of 3 on sale.




Went back today and the had Kraft mac n cheese on sale. 50nt a box. They also had Fruit Loops cereal for 180 a box. I was very surprised to find they had sweet gherkins. Usually I can only find spicy or dill.