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Taken: Dictionary of contemporary slang – Tony Thorne


Well, I have 4 & 5, then 6 & 7. There were only seven in the series.

So, you're welcome to 4 & 5. I guess I'd like the Pico Iyer and the Bill Richardson, unless you have any other contemporary fiction or travel books along the lines of Iyer.

Send me a pm if this is good and we can fix a place to meet up.


Great, thanks so much.

1. Guitar Instrumental Hits
2. Jazz Guitar Bible
3. Guitar book in Chinese

Two "white gas" fuel bottles for whisperlite-type hiking stoves. MSR brand.
DVD cases. used. lots of.


Do you still have these and if so what are you looking for in return?


Hi Llary,

I have got them :-p,

You are in Taichung, right? If you want to borrow them for a while, send me a pm and we can meet up somewhere (I live near Tunghai).


Would be happy to, but you know you'll never get them back, right??


I have some things to swap. Tried but failed to even FIND Taiwanted!

A lovely guitar. Ibanez Artstar AS 120, gorgeous condition. They sell for around US$700 on ebay right now. I'm willing to swap for around NT$15,000.

Also, a quite nice Epiphone mandolin. Requires a new machine head, and has a finish crack. Other than that, its a nice player. I'll swap it for NT$3,000.

And a Jupiter soprano saxophone. A nice entry-level instrument for someone wanting to get into horn without spending a lot. I'll swap it for NT$4,000.

PM me if you're interested in any of these FINE instruments.


It is too bad that there is not some Forumosa-affiliated website on which people could offer things for sale. Someone should set something like that up. They could call it "Taiwan Wanted", or some kind of abbreviation of those two words.


The links are in the right margin; look for 'buy/sell/trade', which takes you here:






Thanks, DB, but there's fuck-all in there. Waste of time, so I'll just continue with the swap thing rather than the sale.


I think you're onto something there, Chaon. Also, while they're at it, they should make sure it's completely and utterly shit.


A bunch of Woody Allen films.
Why do all the other actors try to imitate him?

Table , small but sturdy. Heavy metal base. Seats 4 maximum.


30 Rock Season 1 and The Office (US) DVD sets. Will trade for beer.


Do you have Zelig or Stardust Memories?


There are 4
Deconstructing Harry
Annie Hall
Everyone says I love you
Moonstruck (not WA, I think)

Already someone else has asked for some or all, so am not sure which are still available.


I don't like the sound of the first one.


snadman does the sop sax blow ok? 4000 sounds cheap...


Yep. Its well-loved by me and Corbett Wall. You can hear it on the Muddy Basin Ramblers CD. It probably could do with an overhaul (NT$1,000), but I played it yesterday when I took the photo and it works fine.
It just sits in its box taking up valuable space, and I want a new ukulele.