What's the very BEST damned burger in Taipei?


==Gourmet burger joint on college avenue in berkeley that makes super good burgers only has ketchup and french's mustard available, nothing else. So its what mericans want man.

dijon?? bleahh (actually i admit i dont put ANY mustard on my burgers so go ahead fight it out you mustard bums)


Excuse me, my good man. Do you happen to have any grey poupon? Problem with California Grill for me is that its just too damn close to Yungkang St. Beef Noodles. You simply cannot compete in that district when it comes to my comfort food choices.


Then try the other, behind Sogo (the Tiffany Sogo) on DunHua. :slight_smile:


There are ACTUAL PEOPLE who go up there? I mean, real, actual PEOPLE? Goddamn! That's the thing about city living -- it never fails to surprise!


Yeah, like me heading all the way to Bitan for roti. Maybe someday! :laughing:


I wonder, do these places actually make their own patties or the buy them already made and just cook them.
If they buy them, who do they buy from?


JB Burger is really good (it tries to copy In and Out's style, it doesn't get to that level, but it isn't bad, quite tasty actually).
Order the double cheeseburger, plus they sell Dr. Pepper. Yay!

JB Burger hasn't been mentioned in this thread so I will give you the address, if you like In and Out Burger, this should be a passable replacement:
No. 2, Lane 345, Alley 15, Renai Road, Section 4

The Diner's burger is really good, a bit on the greasy side, but they keep it real (no stupid toppings), and they too sell Dr. Pepper. Yay!

Then there are always the 'McDonald's on steroids' places (Friday's, Chili's, Outback etc...). They are passable burgers.

Mary's Hamburger in TienMu is ok. Nothing to write home about but better than Mackers.

Fast food wise you gotta go with the Hanbao Wang. Whopper cheese ain't nothing to fuck with. Top shelf.

Forkers has a really good selection of burgers, menuwise it is the most impresive, but the bun they use cannot handle the toppings and falls apart before you finish. Plus when I ate there they used frozen pre-fab patties which killed it for me.


I'm sure they buy them: making that many patties by hand would take so much space and manhours. There is a burger joint (Cafe Burger?) that has just opened off of HsinHai and HsinLong Rd here in Wanfang. Those patties tasted like beef and were huge, but didn't actually seem to have that much meat in them. Part of putting a whole meal together for $250, really; the expensive ingredients, like beef, are going to end up being heavily cut with breadcrumbs or cereal.


my favorite burgers in Taipei right now are from Cali Grill.. I love the lunch special price too, and like the chicken teriyaki burger and the tofu burger. the main complaint I have with them is that I wish they'd give you more than 7 small onion rings for NT$70.

anyone been to the Dun Hua location since they remodeled?

also- Taipeigooch- I heard a rumor awhile back that you were going to do a new venture- any projected dates at when we'll be able to try it? I think everyone is starving for good, authentic, reasonably priced Mexican food in Taipei.


KGB make their own patties and sauces. And they're great!


Seconded. Far and away the best I've had in Taiwan. They're head and shoulders above the competition, as far as I'm concerned, although I suppose with a thing like a burger, that's very subjective...
However, they have lamb burgers, so there's no competition on that score.


Another vote for KGB here. I've been there at least half a dozen times now, and with all due respect to Forkers (where I'm going yet again next week), I do love the burgers at KGB.


California Grill. The Diner would be a distant, distant second. To me, it's not even close. KGB and Forkers seemed to use frozen, pre-formed patties. They tasted that way to me, anyway.


California Grill is good, but it's a girly place. The Diner and Chili's make a man's burger. No bones about it.


See what I mean about subjective? I really dislike the California Grill burgers, as well as the general vibe of the place -- in fact, their tofu burger is possibly the ONLY burger I've ever tasted that I actually spat out rather than swallow! (KGB advertises its patties as hand-made, by the way).
The Diner has OK burgers -- I've always enjoyed them -- but they somehow lack the pizazz and sparkle of KGB.
A burger's a very personal thing.


Did you happen to notice if they had any vegie options?


Ok, well snadman, what the hell are you doing eating a tofu burger? I threw up a little just typing the words!

I like California Grill. I had their mofo burger a week ago, and it hit all the right spots. KGB is pretty awesome competition, though. Hmmm. I'm going to have to revisit all of these places with a notebook and a camera, and thoroughly document the state of burger affairs in Taipei. It's a rotten job, but somebody's got to do it!


Not much except for fries, sorry... :frowning:


Oh well, it's only 10 mins on the bus from there to KGB.


In your case that has to beg the question: they offer two-and-a-half-pound burgers there? Damn! I should go again!