1,000 posts


We did it! So what, right? Still. Since our changeover to Discourse traffic has been steadily moving upwards here. Yesterday for the first time we broke through the 1,000 post mark on the day. 1,053 to be precise. Now most of those are probably porn I had to remove from @mad_masala, wild guesses at photo locations from @tando, complaints from @Gain, something undefinable from @overnightoats666, and lengthy communications between @yyy and @discobot. But anyway, it is a landmark worth noting. Thanks for your contributions all and hope you continue to enjoy spending time here.


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Wow what happened on Nov. 11th?


Things always slow down over the weekend.


That’s not slow, that’s DEAD.


I think @tempogain needs to post more. Just not doing his part.


I bought stuff online, lots of deals. No time for Forumosa.


Singles day?


Yeah, a big round of applause :clap::clap::clap:

In stark contrast, the forums over at ‘taiwaneasy’ seem totally dead. was it really worth it? many of you will know what I mean, other more recent users will not.


Now if that were a stock or cryptocurrency, we might’ve gotten rich on that upswing.


They’re averaging about a post a day. :idunno::idunno::idunno:


Sounds about right… :sweat_smile:


they are well thought guesses.


People sleep during the weekends, a popular local thing.


But I hardly post anything :smirk:


FIFY :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh dear :pensive:


Sorry, couldn’t resist. :bowing:


Comic relief is good for the blood pressure.


Only old people cares about their blood pressure.

Oops! Sorry @Yang_Gui_Zi