1,000 posts


I’m on three, count them, three, medications for my blood pressure. :disappointed_relieved:


Ouch! I’m in the highest percentage bracket of the “How old are people on Forumosa” poll, and it’s not the oldest age bracket. :grandpa:


Ouch. Hereditary factors?


Apparently you need more comic relief. Stick around, I’m here all week!




Not when I’ve had my full 8!

*Disclaimer: I don’t remember the last time I’ve actually slept for 8 hours straight.


Landmark for sure!

Good job everyone!


Ranlee!! 好久不見! You’ve been avoiding us. :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually saw you posted recently on another thread, but just figured you’ve been busy.


It’s hard to post when you’re riding a bike.


New job has not allowed me to spend too much time with you guys on here, but do not fret I am watching you.

Image result for watching you meme


A job that doesn’t allow you to dick around on the internet? What were you thinknig?


This is me on day one…


Poor guy. We miss you and your lame memes! :grin:


1000 posts in a day!
@ranlee is back into posting!
Even @Yang_Gui_Zi had his full 8!
What a time to be alive!


I think you missed my disclaimer or maybe it was unclear. :idunno:


Let’s everyone roll up their sleeves and work for a 1000 a day average. :banana:


@yyy isn’t here, you can say ‘fuck’.


Oh, well…
Now you’ll have to have it or you’ll break the good vibes! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m not scared of the alien octopus. The dancing banana is the Flob logo.


He kind of ruined the happy peanut butter jelly time guy for me because every time I see it now, I just think “fuck”.