1 year wait after TARC to get citizenship - in 2019?

Has there been any changes to the “1 year prison sentence” as described by @Northcoast_Surfer.

As of 2019, do people still need to wait for 1 whole year on a TARC (and not travel anywhere) before they can get their Taiwan ID ? Or, are there any exceptions to the rule ?

How about high-level professionals or plum blossom card holders (who were allowed to retain their original citizenship) ? Same rule for them too ?


basically yes, for ordinary people.

Article 10 of Immigration Act

A person, …, shall reside in the Taiwan Area for one (1) year continuously; reside in the area for full two (2) years and two hundred and seventy (270) days or up each year; or reside in the area for full five (5) years and one hundred and eighty-three (183) days or up each year.

they don’t need the 1 yr. When their naturalization is approved, they can make their hukou.


Although it’s unfair and they should extend this rule to everyone, it’s good to know that there’s a way around the 1 year wait, even if it’s nearly impossible to be in that special group.

Since it’s a nightmare to renunciate my citizenship I went ahead and sent an application for high level professional last month, based on my piss-poor bachelor’s degree, just 10 years of experience, no professional certificate, no award, no patent & no publication.

99.99% I am expecting that they will reject it, but it’s worth a try anyways. I specifically wrote in my application detailed reasons why someone can be a professional without having awards and patents. Let’s see how they will take it.

I will share my rejection letter once I get it. I expect it will be arriving soon. :grinning:

I’m pretty interested in knowing if they rejected or approved your application @Fuzzy_Barbecue …do let us know the outcome.

As am I. I applied under similar circumstances to the FSC and was shot down 2 years ago. Would be interesting to see others experiences.