15 years ago, this site was a whole lot better.

Agree! I’m American and often wonder why the threads go this way. I’d like to see more discussions about Taiwanese politics or any other countries politics.


The irony that this is your first post and you jump right in with slagging us off. Where do we go from here? :cactus::cactus::cactus::cactus::cactus:


He wants to join the group. :smile:


Probably because American is the nationality of most of you. I also used to find interesting the conversation some people had here, about TW politics and what not, there were lots of things I wasn’t aware of (and still I’m not). The thing is… every topic gets old over the time, unless there are new events. Then when fresh of the boat users bring up the old topics/discussions, mean Forumosans start complaining “oh, no, not again” and “Now he will say this or what”, etc, which puts people off. But well, that’s human nature anyway.

Anyway, I wouldn’t mind to hear more opinions on the current developments and overall situation of the Taiwan strait… there are way too many news on the media about Taiwan lately… many more than what I was used to. There could be a number of reasons for this, and it could mean nothing, but I do think that there’s some movement and I’d like to know what our savvy analysts have to say while sipping their crappy bears at home, probably wearing something ridiculous.

Just checked @cz’s post history…total of three posts: one bitchy, two passive-aggressive. He should fit right in.

Well then, he’ll fit right in. Haters love a hater. :banana:

I hate those guys.

Welcome @cz. We’re not so bad. I’ve gotten some great information from Forumosans.

True story

Why not just ignore the threads about the US, and concentrate instead on those about Taiwan politics? (and object to the moderator if Taiwan threads get polluted by US news?)

10-15 years ago, the Taiwan Politics forum was more active. Thousands of posts about wanting to achieve Taiwan Independence at all costs, killing off the KMT once & for all, beating the crap out of PRC, etc. I think some people got tired of it and/or realized it wasn’t as simple as previously thought.

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(A) Ignore him
(B) Take the piss until he cries and leaves

He probably got lost trying to get back to his garbage r/Taiwan sub-reddit.

Hi friend Drew!

Hey buddy

That is what I do but I have heard from people I have recommended usinmg the forum for information gathering purposes that the titles, well, give the wrong impression.

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How about day to day developments? I am telling ya, Taiwan politics is still as thrilling as any telenovela.

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We are working on that.


Read: everyone else is racist now except me.

I love how you post exactly the way you hate/

I actually find this site less negative about Taiwan in relation to a couple of years ago. My theory is that everyone starts complaining about their home countries instead (US and UK). Like you suddenly realised that your home countries are also full of crap. 2016 must have been a turning point (Trump and Brexit).

Loathing of Taiwanese ppl is true though. Like Taiwanese girls are all boring and a lot of other generalising stuff.