15 years ago, this site was a whole lot better.


Make yourself useful for a change and tell me how to add “Enginerd” to my user name display, will you?


“Picture a tall, dark figure, surrounded by cornfields…
Picture more fields, a great horizon-spanning network of fields, rolling in gentle waves…
…fields of corn, alive, whispering in the breeze…
…awaiting the clockwork of the seasons.
― Terry Pratchett, Reaper Man

Somehow I’m not as afraid of death than I used to be…


There is most likely no wonder when you are dead, thus no wonderful.
Nothing to do with fear.


All you have to do is ask nicely (and preferably in the Nickname Czar thread or by PM), Comrade. :rainbow: :peace_symbol:


To Whom It May Concern: please change my nickname to Enginerd, I’m tired of being mistaken for just another English teacher and want to set the record straight.
(Will that do, oh magnificent one, or do I need to take my request further up the chain of command?)


That would be acceptable, but I just checked: you’re at Trust Level 2. The algorithm doesn’t love you enough at the moment. :cry:


Who? You got me curious


You’re dabiening me! Seventeen years slaving away on this &*(%$! site and I’m still just Level 2.?

Oh well, thanks for checking anyway.


You too, can be a Regular:


It has almost a neo-Nazi connotation to me. I’m not sure if everyone sees it that way, but some do. We had one guy a while back who the moniker would fit, but I don’t think it does for anyone I can think of here (though again, maybe some would disagree, I don’t know).


Yes. A lot of the users are just flat-out racist and sexist, with the “Taiwanese people are all this and that” and the “Taiwanese women are all psycho” daily complaints. Occasionally some morons would come up and wrtie stupid bullshit about how much Taiwanese pussies stink. It’s nauseating.

I don’t gaf about their political views on America though as I’m not American.


There’s a news report of a fairly recent survey that seems to be more or less in agreement with you on that score (boldface added by me):

(Please note that in the above-quoted article (linked below), there is an image of a sign containing obscenities, which, while stricken out, are still legible, rendering the article potentially NOT SUITABLE FOR WORK :nsfw:.)


Housing seems to be a somewhat different situation, though:


I think it has various meanings, before the last election, perhaps before Milo tried to define it, it really was just White Supremacists and Nazi sympathizers who seemed to identify as Alt-right. I doubt anyone here want’s to be associated with that.

Milo’s new definition (it seems to me) included people who are being politically incorrect by challenging the left’s view on a variety of topics, cultural issues, relating to race, the more extreme version of feminism, transgender topics,.

Then there are those who just use the term on anyone in an attempt to smear a person without even considering the contradictions, like calling Kanye West the darling of the Alt-right, without thinking why a racist group like the Alt-right would make a black man their new darling.

Plus apparently it makes you a Russian bot since the real leader of the Alt-right is Vladimir Putin and his green cartoon mascot called Pepe.

Best to avoid labels and discuss the content of a post and respond to that.


If we go by Wikipedia’s definition, I can see how someone might have a problem with that label (citations omitted):


Some years ago, while in Taiwan, I answered an online questionnaire whose authors or promoters used it to locate respondents on a kind of Cartesian plane, the x-axis being the traditional left-right orientation, and the y-axis orienting the respondent according to his or her libertarian or (I guess) authoritarian tendencies (I’m not sure if the survey used the word authoritarian).

I took the survey twice. The first time, it put me just a touch to the right of center on the x-axis, (I guess that made me a centrist) and a nice little margin above the origin on the y-axis (I guess that meant I had mild libertarian streak). The second time, a pretty good while after the first time, it located me a touch to the left of center and floating about the same margin above the origin on the y-axis.

By the way, I’m pretty sure it was a British survey.

I say the above as a preface to addressing this:

I haven’t read enough of @rowland’s posts to be able to say with any confidence whether I think he’s an extremist. (I presume someone’s not an extremist unless they give me a really good reason to think they are–not that I think all forms of extremism are necessarily bad.)

But I think I’ve read a pretty good number of @Dr_Milker and @IbisWtf’s posts, and while I may disagree with them about some things, I don’t consider them to be extremists.


All according to our plan…

@Dr_Milker hey, my fellow National Socialist chap, the normies haven’t found out yet! It’s time to initiate project Upsilon.


Except about cats and wind.


Many liberals appear to be stuck in Stage 2 to the point where it’s festering and affecting their cognitive abilities. I often ask those I know personally how they expect to win a national election in 2020 when their fixation on Trump and demonization of anyone who disagrees with them may end up being the only things they have to offer the electorate if they don’t snap out of it soon and move on.


Mods, so, can all the alt-right stuff be moved over into the International Politics section?


I just came back from a trip to Korea.
I have no interest in ever going there again. They are downright direct about their dislike of foreigners. Basically you simply get ignored by them as if inconsequential.

Id hate to visit again, let alone live there.

It put a lot in perspective for me living here.


Thanks for asking. :grin:

I categorically reject the alt-right label. I don’t identify with any of the above ideologies, groups or parties in any way, shape or form (nor does @IbisWtf for that matter, although he likes to joke about it). I don’t identify with any of the American political parties either, although I was a registered Democrat in the distant past (an embarrassing period I don’t like to talk about :sunglasses:).

I voted for Trump in the recent election, and will probably vote for him in the next election if he’s still alive and decides to run. In the view of many progressives, this would put me in the alt-right camp, but this is pure delusion on their part. To many on the left, alt-right (along with nazi, white supremacist, fascist, etc.) has just become a sleazy smear for anyone with slightly different political views than their own. My own views fall all across the political spectrum depending on the issue–to the left on some and to the right on others.

In the end though, being called “alt-right” doesn’t bother me that much. It says much more about the person throwing the term around than it does about me.