18 Days Taiwan Beer 🇹🇼 🍺

"Distinctive flavor lager beer always your best choice"

I have a like/dislike relationship experience with “Draft Beer Only 18 Days Taiwan Beer”.

Sometimes I really like for a few days and sometimes I cannot stand the taste or smell. Last week liked it, this week, don’t like it. It’s always very very fresh where I have it.

Side note, do you feel more fat than other beers?

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Why not drink a beer, that is like not 18 days old that you might like all of the time?

I used to like it more, probably because I was a pisshead then and it was hot.

These restrictions maybe possibly seem a bit harsh-ish for people talking about beer.


It’s not so special in my tastebuds’ opinion

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Not a fan. Have noticed abot 3 times in year taiwan beer in certain counties tastes ultra bitter and poisonous. i assume it is their cleaning of the vats and it gets into the beer. Not sure what specifically, but its certainly chemical like :frowning:

For the 18day stuff. If i pay 70 for a beer i hope it tastes better. Would prefer guiness from the can over bottled monkey piss haha.


It doesn’t deserve the premium price


I thought the same thing forever, but recently think it might be one of the ingredients causing the odd variable tastes.



I would still take this over 金牌 if those are the only options.

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I rarely see it, so when i do i buy. had it about 3 or 4 times every time was good!

Agree. 金牌 gives a nasty headache and not even after drinking many.

I generally don’t like the taste of Taiwan Beer regardless of the type, but “shiba” (18 days) is not bad in winter together with hot pot or my beloved 薑母鴨 :heart_eyes: For a similar price, I would rather drink Asahi or burp the whole night with Kirin :rofl: :rofl:


I’ve already evolved to only drinking imported asahi and kirin from the bottles . :grin:

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Mr. Fancy pants.

Is there a domestically produced asahi by chance?

Strangely i dont mind the Jinpie one. Never get headaches like with the tai pi one or 18 day one (or ny of the nasty fruit ones).

Wish they would stop selling their good recipes, ttl had a decent dark beer many moons ago and never since :frowning:

The MINE (with “I” as upside down exclamation point) “All Malt Beer” is okay.

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Agreed jinpai is far from the worst.

Yes, I love these. I hate how many local spots don’t carry them. Taiwan beer and 18 are way too sweet. Give me the bitter Japanese beers any day

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I got into a panic last week, no Guinness in my local Welcome, visited 2 others they had sold out as well. Further investigation revealed 2 western guys had gone into and bought all stock! Anyone on Forumosa? Irish family party in Town?
I settled for Asahi in the end.
All back in stock now :grinning:

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Haha, blame university graduates playing purchasing department heads for that muck up…not foreigners wanting decent brew once in a while.

Has been a serious shortage of Guinness, 7/11 no longer seems to stock! My local Welcome said not getting any more stock!
What’s going on?