2005 Forumosa Posting Awards

I think this has been done before, but did a search and came up with 300 pages of just ‘year’

So drumroll please :smiley:

2005 Forumosa Posting Awards

Please submit your nominees for the following caterogies:

Best Post
Best Comeback
Best Arguement/Debate
Best Poster
Best Avatar
Best One liner in a Post
Funniest Post
Worst Post
Funniest Thread
Worst Thread
Most Rehashed Thread
Best New Forum
Best Forum
Best Moderator
Best F.Com Happy Hour
Craziest Thread
Weirdest Thread
Best Advice given on a Thread
Worst Advice given on a Thread
Most Informative Thread
Lifetime Poster Award

Okay that’s just a few. Pick your catagory and nominee. Voting ends 12/31/05 at 12am.

Add some if you want. And there will be NO prizes-unless you consider a good laugh and a nice complient one :wink:

what r da prizes?

best Avatar: The Titmouse (Aboriginal Girl) :bravo:

I second the nomination for Aboriginal Girl as Best Avatar with her outstandingly original and highly provocative Titmouse. OK! It’s just cos it’s a tit that looks like a mouse but you’ve got to get into the spirit of these awards ceremonies haven’t you :wink:

u get 2 c da tit 4 realz.

Most rehashed thread

*Western women and Taiwanese men. Why there’s not a lot of dating between them.

Can I win something ? Pleeeeeeese…

I nominate BFM for whiniest poster :wink: , RichardM for most missed former poster, and for best avatar, I third the nomination of The Titmouse (Aboriginal Girl).

Is there a grind them into submission award?

Is Fred back?? :wink:

I want to nominate Hobbes for the best choice of avatars.
And let’s not forget the Hello Kitty avatar campaigne.

I nominate hsiadogha as the most missed poster in the vroom vroom forum. It’s his fault I have so much problems fixing my bikes.

I second Richardm’s nomination.

I second Hobbes’s nomination.

I nominate TomHill for best comeback.

I nominate Dragonbones for most prolific and creative avatar production.

I nominate Yellow Cartman for most helpful poster.

I nominate Jaboney for best new poster in 2005.

And finaly,(for now) I nominate Tigerman as the biggest kind-hearted-pain in the ass.


Somebody replied in this thread yesterday and it got flamed. I did not get to read but I know something got flamed. Care to pm me your reply?

I see this thread as a good opportunity to compliment the people who made this place interesting in 2005, not the other way around. I guess some people may think it’s not cool to compliment others. For pete sakes, it’s the holiday season.

So be it. :slight_smile:

I nominate Ironman for most supportive poster and I applaud him for his excellent work as a mod. :bravo: :notworthy:


I’ve played around with the categories a bit…

I nominate Fox for the ‘most talented writer’ award (still waiting on the next ‘Lost Cause’ instalment), and HG for the ‘most creative attempts to engage forumosans from across the political spectrum’ prize (he’s bound to come equal first with Tigerman). Bobpine gets my vote for ‘the most lateral thinking poster’ prize and RichardM for ‘the best pithy one-liners and extension of thread themes’ award (come back RM!). JDSmith gets full marks for being supportive of newbies, :rainbow: and Namahottie and Comrade Stalin for telling it like it is. SuchAFob is the natural winner of the ‘sound relationship advice’ prize - no need to go to a vote. Irish Stu, Belgian Pie, and Stray Dog all get special mentions for understanding my sense of humour ( :smiley: ). Not sure they’re going to be happy with that… TomHill, Sandman and the Chief are all equal first for the ‘leading the thread’ award (proof positive that too many cooks doesn’t always spoil the broth), and Hobbes is a clear winner for the ‘injecting some intelligence’ category. Bob is a nominee and frontrunner for the ‘unstoppable’ award for debating Fred Smith, while AC_Dropout and Shrimpcrackers should get special mentions in this category for refusing to cede any ground in the independence/reunification debate (not quite true, but play along with it). Finally I nominate Comrade Stalin for the ‘comes across as a hard-nose, but is actually a really nice guy’ award, and Big Fluffy Mathew for the inaugural ‘comes across as big and fluffy, and is actually just like that’ prize. Only two people in the running for that one this year; the other poster was ‘Big Fluffy Mark’ who was last seen posting on tealit.

I’m newish to Forumosa. Had a great year people. Many thanks for just being around.

The quickest way to win a prize :beer:


best comeback

forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtopi … 487#478487

right at the wire.

and wordless at that.


:notworthy: :rainbow:

Best Nick: Smell The Glove

Best Bitch-slapping-the-red-state-fascists: Toe Tag

One more look for you all then incase I change it. Not likely to though. My mom likes it too much.

914, ewe are the coolest. :sunglasses:

No, Truant. EWE are.