2017 Costco Thread


Happy 2017 everyone!

Please feel free to share the awesome finds you come across at your local Costco, any new info or throw things up for discussion.

Top things to buy at Costco?
Top things to buy at Costco?
2016 Costco Thread
2016 Costco Thread
Top things to buy at Costco?

What I hate about Costco, it TW, is that just like in the US you can only use a co-branded CC there. (OR AmEx, unless that has changed)

As a non-citizen of TW, it is impossible to get one on your own. Usually the banks even say it is against the law to give foreigners a CC. After I called them on it, CathayUnited says they will let foreigners get a card, through their spouse, but they have to supply like 3 years worth of information from their home country and Taiwan.

I can understand the reasoning for this, but the reasoning is flawed. They claim it is easy for foreigners to just leave the island abandon the debt, and never come back. But, my wife is a US citizen AND ROC citizen. She can do the same. It just makes no sense.


No it’s not, I have one on my own as do many other non-citizens.


Yep, just received my Cathay/Costco credit card last month.


The selection at Costco has gotten worse and worse that even I (a fervent Costco shopper if there ever were one) am starting to reconsider my membership. Down here in Taichung, I’ve noticed that they no longer stock English language books, either for kids or adults. Do they still have English language books up in Taipei? And what the hell happened to the Cheerios?


I saw Cheerios a few weeks ago at the Neihu branch. But yes, I agree that the amount of English books has been getting less and less.


The thing with Cheerios is the milk here is already sweetened, so adding it to the already sweet cereal…I could only imagine what the flavor is like.


The Xinzhuang opening should have been fun:

On Saturday, some 500 people had already lined up at the new Xinzhuang outlet about 30 minutes before its scheduled opening at 8:30 a.m. and within half an hour the number had increased to around 3,000.

A man surnamed Tsai, who was first in line to enter the store, said he had been queuing up since 4 a.m. to buy clothing.

Another customer, surnamed Yang, said he got there around 4:30 a.m. and was second in line, waiting to buy certain specialty products.

According to Costco, its parking lot, which can accommodate 650 cars and 220 motorcycles, had filled up within 10 minutes of the store’s opening.

For residents, there are better transportation options:

However, police were urging shoppers to use the shuttle buses that were running between the Costco store and Fu Jen University, Shulin Railway Station, and Xinzhuang and Fuzhong MRT stations.


New Kirkland Brand (Gordon Biersch) craft beers. Their winter pack is a little different. Still have the IPA and Pale Ale, but the Session IPA and Summer Ale were replaced with a Double Bock and Brown Ale. NT 999.


This is one I don’t really understand. Did Costco do an amnesty on the day whereby you could buy without being a member? Or were the 3000 people Costco members already? If the latter, then why not just go to any Costco store? The free breakfast thing was knocked on the head early and I assume everyone in the queue was aware of that. On a positive note someone on the local Costco Facebook group posted a photo of a very very empty Costco in Zhonghe!


anyone see the giant teddy bear? They told me they would stock again from January


Went there on evening of Saturday because friends are all going there and I don’t have the membership card so I just hitch.

Kiddo want the triple cheese tart.

Too many people, oh the giant teddy too expensive 6k+

Will just go back some other day for other things.


A friend posted a FB photo about 1.5 months ago with the giant bear. She lives in Minsheng Community, so I have to assume it’s Neihu branch.


I heard it was like 1k. My girlfriend really wants it lol


my kiddo check the price it was 6k +
go check first …kind of expensive with nothing inside just lots of foam or cotton perhaps.


1K USD maybe

There’s no way a 6ft tall bear is only 1000 NTD.

Some of the crane game stuffed animals are worth 800NT. However, you can’t put a price on love :heart_eyes:


Then I made the impossible possible. I get as single without spouse any credit card I want.
I have the Cathay, ANZ and several Citibank cards.
Probably they came up with a story like that, because see you as flight risk :stuck_out_tongue:
I admit, Cathay is difficult to get, was a real challenge.
Took me over 1 hour to convince the bank guy on the phone until he agreed to try again, 1 week later I had the signature card.
So don’t say it’s impossible



As per Costco US page:

Visa is now the only major credit card accepted at Costco warehouses

Costco now accepts all Visa cards in their warehouses and gas stations in the U.S. and in Puerto Rico. Costco is one of the world’s leading retailers with more than 700 warehouses and over 85 million members worldwide.

All Visa credit cards (consumer and business), and Visa debit cards (PIN-based and Signature), will be accepted at checkout in Costco warehouses and gas stations. All PIN-based debit cards, regardless of issuer, will still be accepted.

However, their website still accepts most cards:

Costco.com accepts the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, the Costco Private Label card and the Costco Anywhere Visa® Card by Citi.

More on the breakup:

Please not ethis is all pertinent to the US. Not much to do with us. Why? Dunno. Ask them.


Thanks for the links. Amex in the US is one of the best credit cards in terms of customer service. I always use cash at Costco TW, but glad to know any visa works.


FYI, as far as I know, not any Visa works here in Taiwan. From what I was told, only the Cathay one that they offer is accepted here.