2017 Costco Thread


Last time I was in Xizhi and Neihu, i couldn’t find the good bacon.


Saw Kirkland brand ale (pale ale, India pale ale, session ipa and kolsch german style ale ) At guandu Costco. 24 pack for 999 ntd.


Frozen Butterball turkeys are back. NT$157/kg last week.


Costco is now selling A&W Root beer in a 24 pack for 339NT. That’s 14NT a can!


Now that is something to get excited for! I can remember the old “Frosty Mug Taste” commercials from the late 70s. Ah, good times.


Now I can’t get it out of my head. “A&W root beer’s got that frosty mug taste, A&W root beer’s got that frosty mug taste!”


Good times.

Now, you are going to subconsciously grab a can with your thumb and pinky forming a mug handle.

Now I want a Root Beer Float. Maybe Sonic should open up in TW. Or…A&W Drive-In!


A&W is always a required stop when in Okinawa!


That place was a great surprise when I went there earlier this year! I was expecting some trash-tier fast food stuff, but drinks and food were very good!


Good news, Japese and Korean goods coming to Costco. Interestingly, as now everyone and their grandm,other is bringings medicines, appliances, clothes and stuff from those places. Problem will be competition. Now, if they bring cow tongue and maicha I’ll be delighted.

Examples of highly popular products that will be available in Taiwan via this new platform would be Japanese crackers, enamled cast iron cooking pots and home appliances, while popular Korean goods include beauty products such as Snail brand hydrating face masks, as well as seaweed and kimchi. Popular Japanese appliances that will become available will include ionic hair driers, electric tooth brushes, and 10 kg inverter steam and grill microwave ovens.



I have noticed a trend of less and less American goods being sold at Costco. They are slimming down to Taiwanese tastes and buying trends, which makes sense. However, it makes Costco no different than Carrefour, City Super, Jasons or Wellcome in regards to inventory. They just sell the same stuff but in bulk quantities.

What made Costco unique in my mind was the ability to find the same things you would find at a Costco in the USA.

One small example are their muffins. 10 years ago they had the complete variety: blueberry, apple cinnamon, banana, chocolate, poppy seed, maple and banana nut. Now, they only have blueberry and banana nut.

Another example are their cereals. 10 years ago they had Cheerios, Honey Nut Cheerios, Multi Grain Cheerios, Apple Cheerios, different varieties of Chex, Corn Flakes, Raisin Bran, Frosted Flakes and Honey Oh’s. Now they only carry the same cereals you can find in any Taiwanese grocery store, namely Frosted Flakes.

I also miss the Quaker Instant Oatmeal Packs. The ones that had maple and brown sugar packs, apple cinnamon, etc. Now they don’t sell it at all.

My point being that Costco no longer has “variety” and what they do have is not that unique. Bringing in Japanese and Korean products may be great for Taiwanese who love that stuff, but there are already stores in Taiwan that offer those things. Costco is becoming less and less American here and more and more regional in their offerings.


Hi All, I just signed up with Costco in the US and its good worldwide, but may be moving to Taipei soon. How much is the Gold Star membership (basic) there in Taiwan for when I need to renew? Here it’s $60USD per year. Thanks!


Its not going to be good for Costco either ultimately.

BTW that ad is hilarious b


I guess Costco TW is abandoning the expat/ABT market and becoming a members only Hola.


It’s 1200 NTD per family, that’s like 40 to 50 bucks. Or you can ask your company to sign up for corporate card, even cheaper.


Has anybody seen the salami combo, the party one with wine flavor and such? Or the cheese party platter thinghie? There were none in Yonghe. The salami is especiallly missed, it has been a staple item.


Does anyone know an address in Taipei, new taipei, or taoyuan of shops that sell items returned to costco? I’ve heard there are shops that specialize in selling items returned to Costco.


Spotted at Neihu costco. Quality is good, but it’s not necessarily the exact cut you want. The label says top blade muscle.

Gf and I bought this and cut it ourselves into a few small steaks and smaller dice pieces to fry. We’re about 1/8 through it. The prices ranging from 600-900NT. Very high CP.


Cervix Position? At the shoulder blade that would seem rather extreme…Very High CP


Hi I had read online that Costco in Taipei has Childrens Christmas advent calendars. So I joined up but could not see any when I went into the store after signing up. Has anyone bought these previously and do they know if they will be in stock again?