2018 Costco Thread

Craft beers are back! This time 'round its Brown Ale, Porter Ale, APA, and IPA.



Remember to return your dead x-mas tree to Costco.

Costco return policy works great with a Christmas spirit

x-mas tree return

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Christmas Treeeeeee))

Gals and guys, the ham off the bone,that comes slices in a very elegant box with an Italian sounding name - but is actually Taiwan pork- is not bad at all.

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Just popped over to Costco (Hsinchu) and saw this deal. Looks pretty good to me.

By the way, a lot more CNY booze is available. Saw a magnum of what.I.think. was Bordeaux for something like NT$2,399 and lots of partial cases of wine, all new. Didn’t want to chance moving over within 15m to look. Little dangerous in Costco right now.



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Well well big scandal as Costco is taking a WHOLE day off. Very good for them and very happy for its employees. Great example.

New Year schedule.


It’s about time again, it used to be like that many years ago.

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Good for them! Employees deserve a day off.

Maybe they are closed to do inventory?

No butter at Hsinchu Costco - what kind of grocery store has no butter? First they say on order, then they say not on order. Weird store at times.

Also no butter at the Neihu store when i was there a few days ago…only the individual serving packs.

No thousand island dressing @ Zhonghe over the weekend, I just joined Costco, is this normal? :S

Sometimes they have the 20-gallon industrial jugs :wink:

One thing they did have in Neihu was a box of mixed zucchini and summer squash for 130. Great buy as Jason’s sells one piece for 130.


Huh, I should have spent more time in the produce section - I didn’t see that in the Guandu Costco, but I didn’t look around much either.

The only problem is, while I’ve made a number of good different dishes with zucchini, I’ve made very few that reheat well.

A simple ragout made with tomatoes and onions will work well!


If you run a business in Taiwan you can not rely on Costco as your only source!

No more blocks of Dutch cheese either. Where to complain? This is outrageous! :wink:

Try this place !

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Told you: no Gouda, no Edam and even no Limburger.