2018 Costco Thread



Ninentdo Switch Bundle for 12,999NT

  • Two games (Mario kart) and (Zelda)
  • Screen cover
  • Zelda walkthrough (I think)


Holy crap that’s amazing!!


It only saves a few hundred over retail, assuming you actually want those 2 games in particular. Prices have dropped a lot for the Switch since launch.


FYI the article says they’re sold out for now :frowning:


Zhongli had a bunch of them a week ago.


You may have caught it just as it was released. Article says they went on sale first few days of February.


Are the games included digital?


This was last Wednesday, Jan. 31. I was actually surprised to see them, hence the photo. They weren’t there the time before that.


Lot of buzz from Taiwanese netizens on them, as it’s Costco can buy one and zone out from family anywhere given it’s portability and drop it back for a refund after CNY. Expect to see a lot in Costco re-sellers in the next few months.


I was at RT Mart today and they had the Nintendo Switch bundle with 2 games for $13,000 NT. In stock too.


Really? I was looking for it at my RT mart yesterday and they were sold out.

Do they have switches w/o the extra games under 10000?


I guess it depends on location. I was at the Tucheng location. I did not see a non-bundle option.


Retail is about 9700, that is the price I paid in December.




Unsalted is back in Hsinchu (taken about an hour ago).


Don’t only crazy people go to Costco now? :grin:


Any salted in the blue boxes?


Didn’t see any. But you can always salt your own.


I wonder why there is a butter shortage at costco these past couple of months.


It wasn’t too bad yet in the middle of the afternoon.