2018 US Mid-term Elections!


Yes, it’s that time again (it’s always that time!).
The Democrats seemed set to make some gains, as is usual in off-years- the only exceptions are George W Bush in his first term and Bil Clinton in his second- but are within striking distance of flipping the House. High numbers of resignations, combined with (due to?) record disapproval numbers for the sitting president show a good chance of doing so. The Dems need +5% to offset geographical disadvantages and gerrymandering; last Tuesday’s results seem to show they’re close.

The Senate seemed out of reach- until the Roy Moore story broke. It still looks like he’s got it. I wonder if it’s better politically for the Democrats to have Moore lose -“even Alabama says no!”- or have him win by a few points and be in the Senate yelling about Jesus and getting rid of gay marriage and godless liberals and attacking McConnell? It takes a lot to keep a US Senator quiet, especially one like Moore.
Should be…um…an interesting year.


From the subject title, I thought this was about mid-term school testing.


Me too :slight_smile:


The US courts are slowly changing the redistricting that gave advantage to Republicans. That will probably also result in additional democrat success.


Now it better fits the feel of the OP.

The left should not get too hopeful, the right has better attack dogs and a more than dedicated media. The right does not bother with voter education or nuance. They home in on that reptilian act/react bit of the brain and attack.

“Look, our donors want 100% of the tax breaks, and full control of the land. They want you to pay for their security and you to pay them for giving you a job. You can have all the guns, but you cannot take them into their or our areas. Maybe you could, you know, create some entertainment for us? I know that sounds like you will pay more taxes. Come one, take one for the team! I know that sounds unfair, but in return we will get rid of the immigrants who do not come from Western Europe lineage!”


To tango42 and greenocelet- I thought of that- the original title was just ‘2018!’’, then I added ‘mid-terms’, then ‘US’, finally ‘elections’- I thought that nailed it.:slight_smile:
Anyway, Alabama is still up in the air. Some polls have Jones up; some have Moore with a slight lead , one is tied.


If Moore wins (and at this point, no reason to think otherwise) that will only underline and highlight the death of America, as it existed for 240 years. And the elevation of Mike Judge as an absolute clairvoyant.


If more on Moore comes out- beyond the added accuser and the mall story- he’s done (probably- this is Alabama).
Solution: Moore stands aside “to better clear my name of these scurrilous charges”.
Jeff Sessions resigns as A-G and runs as a write-in candidate- He’s the only person in Alabama who can do it, and who’s got the name recognition: “I don’t want to, but I have to save my home state, just like General Lee, God bless him”.
Trump appoints a new A-G, who can fire Mueller without recusing himself. McConnell will be happy to give give Sessions whatever he wants in the Senate.
The only problem is to get Moore to stand aside- he’s 70 now; maybe some kind of Special Presidential Commission to Root Out the Godless Heathen?


45 could fire Mueller if he wants. Better to go through the AG, but he can do it, and if he has done nothing wrong, as he claims, he should just do it. It is not like he will lose any supporters, nor is it likely with a GOP controlled government he would be impeached, regardless what may come up.

I think Moore should stay in. The state of American politics right now, the more people who come out with accusations against him, the better he looks.


Oh well - not needed. Jones has eked out a win in spite of Bannon and Trump being for Moore.


Big Gov keeps on churning
Much to Roy Moore’s chagrin
Casting votes in the Southland
I love Alabamy once again
And no, gay is not a sin

Roy Moore’s Alabama
Where the malls are taboo
Roy Moore’s Alabama
Lord, where gays get to vote too

Well I saw Mister Trump tweet about him
Well, I heard ol’ Donnie prop this clown
Well, I hope Donald Trump will remember
A decent man don’t need him around, anyhow

Roy Moore’s Alabama
Where the malls are taboo
Roy Moore’s Alabama
Lord, where gays get to vote too

In Birmingham, they hate the Justice, (boo! boo! boo!)
And they all did what they could do
Now all the “gates” do not bother me
Does being righteous bother you?
Tell the truth

Roy Moore’s Alabama
Where the malls are taboo
Roy Moore’s Alabama
Lord, where gays get to vote too

Now all the polls got the Trumpers
And they’ve been known to rig a box or two
Lord they piss me off so much
But today’s the day they all rue
Donald Trump….Fuck you!


Judging from the comments made by his campaign spokesman they had shit for brains. One of the funniest clips I’ve seen in quite a while.


I normally don’t give a like to anything with profanity, but this one is exceptional! :rofl:


So yesterday there were four special House elections and Republicans won three, while one was flipped by Democrats. Good news for the GOP?
SC #HD99: D+13.08%
WI #AD58: D+24.90%
WI #SD10: D+27.52%
IA #HD06: D+20.44%

It’s a long time until November, but these numbers are not encouraging, to put it mildly.


Sorry, these were State Senate elections. Less influential, but…


Not to worry. The Democrats have a deep bench!


Has anybody mentioned how much Americans love Democrat leadership?


The election in PA-18, a deep red district, swung heavily in Democrat’s favor. One of the most Republican districts, visited a few days ago by Trump, went the Dems way. Auguries of November?


I’m a bit skeptical about the whole “Blue wave” narrative, but who knows? Quick, more air time for Hillary Clinton!


Eh. The Democrats will make gains in the mid-terms, but the odds are better than good they’ll give it all back in 2020.

I’d take that trade in a heartbeat (2020 for 2018). Hopefully the GOP will also hold in 2020 sufficient state legislature majorities and governorships to control redistricting in 2021. If so 2021 would be the eleventh year of twenty consecutive years of GOP control of Congressional district boundaries.

Very encouraging that law schools continue to turn out conservative graduates, too. Should also help the GOP control SCOTUS justice openings as they come up next decade, too.

Hopefully that’s enough to shut the Democrat party out of power nationally through 2030. They’re not close to being ready for national leadership, and it doesn’t look like they’ll be any closer by 2021. Or 2031, for that matter.

It’s all good.