2019 Taipei World Coffee Championships 15-18 Nov


Is this World Championship a real thing or more like the International Pineapple Cake Competition in Nantou or the Yilan Global Beef Noodle Awards?


Maybe more like that “Gold Medal” Taiwan Beer won.

It seems to be a roasting championship exclusively?

Looks like one Taiwanese competitor at least:


I think it’s as legit as these industry things get, the body running it a subsidiary of the SCA.

I also think a sour, mouth puckering, lemony coffee is going to win it, if people from the SCA have anything to do with judging it that is. As that is the current trend with the bearded, tattoo sleeved hipsters operating these roasters.

I saw something on the wall of a coffee shop about a SCA award, seems important but not to me.

Do you mean in terms of the shop or the coffee?
I love coffee, although I can’t get into caring so much about roasting beans etc. I drink it to stimulate my noggin.

Must be important to the shop, since it’s posted on the wall. For me it’s the coffee, the people/barista, then how the shop looks, the paper on the wall is low on my list. Is that important to you?

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For me the coffee is number one, followed, somewhat embarrassingly by the price at number two. The temperature of the drink is important too. I found a lovely looking middle Eastern/ Levantian place near Paddington Station the other day (https://www.mihbaj.co.uk/) as the trains were typically delayed, got myself all excited only to be served luke warm coffee. Blargh.