2020 Cycling Goals

You need to get some Taiwanese co-workers who’re comfortable enough to tell you how fat you are. It worked for me and I notched 350+km’s so far this month. Hoping to break the 4 bills mark on Sunday if the rain doesn’t spoil it.

You can do it, yes you can. If you put your mind to it, you know you can! - Hal Johnson

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My 2020 targets are not set in stone, but I should say that it helps a lot.
Either to throw in some kilometres right at the beginning of the week, or to get out in the weekend to fulfill that weekly distance.

End of May, I passed my halfway distance target with a month to go, plus I am above my elevation target.

It helps, it really does.


How’s everyone doing on their 2020 goals?

Looks like I am incapable of completing my first goal of riding abroad. However, I have ridden in a few new roads/climbs in Taiwan. Not sure if that counts.


Unless it rains for a full month in November and December, I need to average roughly 133km per week to reach my km goal. Which, I hope is doable. I also have big trips planned for October and December, which should make up for my laziness as of late.


My goal is to buy a bike. They built a super crit circuit five minutes from my house. How can I say no?


Won’t arrive near the yearly goal.
Some things came up during the year that sidetracked the effort.
Not worried. Still enjoy what cycling I can do.
:bike: :bike: :bike:


That circuit was one of the best things to happen to the domestic cycling scene as of late.

Not sure how often events will be held, but the first one was quite successful with all the big names showing up. I’ve seen pics of some photographer/cycling friends took and with 101 in the back drop and the occasional plane landing/taking off from Song Shan Airport, the location is pretty fantastic.

Life happens and our cycling goals get sidetracked. No big deal. As long as you are enjoying the ride when you go out, that’s key!

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I wonder how it’ll work out. If there’s no event organized then in theory anyone can ride on it. Which is a worry because, well, idiots. Hopefully it’ll be self-policing and people will be made aware it’s a racing circuit. The other stated use is to practice pace lines which is a really good idea. There’s plenty of space outside the racing line and there’s a second outer circuit so it should be able to accommodate a good number of riders.

The circuit is still young and friends have reported no one has been walking on it and no kids on push bikes. I hope it stays this way.

I still need to give it a spin. I hear the main circuit is 500m and the extended is 1km?

Sounds about right. There’s a killer tight corner on the big circuit with a nice inside camber on it so you can bomb it from right to left. I figure if I get a bike I can be on it at 6.30 am all by myself.

I am not getting a ton of riding in this year but I’m just happy to be back in Taiwan with actual nice rides to do. The rides I have done have all been excellent. As my daughter gets on toward 6 months it’s getting easier to find time to ride. She is so independent, she can even hold her head up by herself.



Didn’t give myself a goal other than getting out and riding. Still better than last year with many more rides to get done this year.

Distance 1,643.6 km
Time 90h 3m
Elev Gain 8,984 m
Rides 42

Well, as long as we’re sharing this.

Distance 1,611.0 km
Time 107h 21m
Elev Gain 39,556 m
Rides 56

So there is a slight improvement to my stats after today’s ride.

If anyone is making a hail mary for their 2020 goals in Taipei, time to plan to head south.

Looks like it’ll be raining until 2021 in Taipei!

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Grrr … looks like I’m done for the year. Doctor today said I’ve indeed got a rib fracture, and it’ll be a problem for at least 2-3 weeks, emphasis on “at least” (which is still more optimistic than most of what I read online!).

I don’t think I had goals for 2020, but my cycling total for the year is 2,649km. I know that isn’t much compared to others here, but it’s about 500km more than any previous year I have records for. Total elevation gain for the year around 42,000m, which is, oh, about 40,000 more than any previous year I’d guess, since until this year almost all my riding was on flats. Quite happy with that. I feel like I’m finally doing some “real” cycling, after years and years of going back and forth on the riverside paths and being too nervous about sharing a road with motorized vehicles. Mind you, that sharing did lead to the current injury.

Goal for 2021 is get back on the bike as soon as sensibly possible.


I never kept track of monthly and so definitely not yearly totals, but the change from the previous year is very impressive. That sucks about the injury. Maybe you could focus on a diet to lose a kilo or more. Every bit counts on the mountains. And I imagine swimming might be a good way to ease back into exercise. Maybe the best way.

I have a sneaking suspicion I’m going to lose muscle mass (normally I lift weights three times a week), and perhaps gain fat; we’ll see. I asked the doctor about exercise, and he said swimming may actually be the worst way after a rib fracture, because it’s stressing exactly the injured part of the body. He figured cycling would be best, which seems almost ironic!

“Plus” side is that they’ve given me painkillers - supposedly twice a day, but I’m only taking them before bed because during the day it’s not a big deal. But since I’m taking painkillers, I’m not drinking anything, and that’ll help keep the weight stable.

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Sorry to hear about that.

I had numerous rib injuries, both broken and severely bruised.

From those, I can tell you that it will keep hurting for several weeks at about the same level, but that it wanes off almost instantly (really waking up one morning, step out of the bed, only then to realize you did not need all the crazy moves to limit pain you did before).

Bad news; in my cases it was always at least 5 weeks to that point.

About my goal; I still need to do 250km to reach my 5k km, not sure, but I count on a sunny X-mas period.


I had no goals. Experience has told me that’s a recipe for failure.

But I still probably rode about my usual 10,000 km.

Commuting plus a long weekend ride will do that for you. Easy 200+ every week

Elevation is way down compared to Taiwan!!