2020 Cycling Goals

I made a thread early 2019 reflecting on 2018 goals and here I am in 2020 reflecting on 2019 goals. If I remember correctly:

Which I completed! I finished the year off with a little bit over 8000km


Also finished Puli to Wuling in just under 4 hours at 3h59m

In terms of PRs on main Taipei climbs, not much accomplishments in that category, but I am happy with reaching my main goals!

I personally am going to keep my goals very simple and just say travel to somewhere near to cycle, outside of Taiwan and hit the 8000km mark again for the year.

What does everyone have planned for this year?


Damn. 8k is a lot!

My bad ass plan for 2020 is to buy a bike.


Oh, then we have the same plan!
Do you guys have Strava group so you can share your climbs around Taipei?

Can check out my route thread

As for individual climbs, you can use segment explore and zoom in on Taipei. The more popular climbs like Feng Gui Zui, Leng Shui Keng, Zhong She/Shooter’s Hill, Maokong, Guan Yin Shan and a few others will show up.

If you guys need tips on buying bikes, feel free to leave a comment below. More than happy to give you my suggestions and point you in the right direction.

I’m eyeing on a Gusto 2020 and found a cool shop near Dadaocheng pier called 96單車. Have to buy everything so I hope I’ll have a good price.

I hear Gusto are good value for money.

I do not suggest buying everything from the same shop. You’ll get a discount, but everything the shop has isn’t necessarily good. I would definitely shop around for gear and accessories and if you do not find anything good, you can always go back to 96.

Most of the time, they’ll give you a 10% discount as a returning customer, but that on going, not exclusive to the day you buy your bike.

Good luck!

Ok, I’m going to start calling people out.


If you’re not riding, get back on that saddle. If you are, let’s hear from ya!

My goals are always the same: 1. Don’t die, 2. Try to stay upright.

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Thanks for asking ranlee. I haven’t been out cycling for a few months now. At first, it was some knee pain that made me back off of running, and I was still cycling every now and then but swimming more than anything. But then I noticed I was seeing some big improvements in my swimming. So now, I’ve decided to just go all out with the swimming and see where I can take things. I’ll be back in the saddle some day, but I’m not quite sure when that will be. I do miss it- especially the convenience of the mountain right next to where I live.


You read my mind. Have found many excuses not to. Went for a short spin last night. Going again today. Thanks, Ranlee. On it!

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OK, I’ve been off for a while too.

Time to pump up the tires. But which bike to ride?

I am just about ready to start riding the track bike to work (17 km with a couple evil hills), now that I’ve added a front brake. Well, and a new fork: hard to find a 1 inch threaded fork these days, but i got lucky and found one by Gios at a 2nd hand market last month. No way I’m going to drill the original SanRensho track fork for a brake.


That’s pretty crazy, not even so much the distance, but that elevation gain … wow … hats off!

I just checked my 2019 stats, did ~3.600km, some 1.500km less than the year before, basically due to a slow start, and a car encounter in the autumn.

Have my sights set for a 5.000km in 2020 again, which translates in some 100km/week.

I feel that anything more, for the recreational rider I am, starts to interfere with other activities … Seems there is never enough time for a retired guy :(.

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I think you are due for a bike upgrade once you do decide to return. :wink:

Ride on!

That’s the only acceptable excuse to not ride. I would even accept being 30 minutes late for a ride bc you couldn’t decide on which bike haha

Thanks for the kind words! A goal is a goal, having one gives you the motivation to get out. Without it, you’d just be the retired guy, not the retired guy who did 1,500km for the year :wink:

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OK @ranlee challenge accepted.

2019 was a big disappointment for me. I moved to Hong Kong and didn’t get into riding here, I switched to hiking and yoga. In total for the year I only put in 1000km, all of which was over 10 days on a bike tour in the States.

For 2020 I’ll be in Taiwan for at least 5 months, mostly in Yilan, so my goal is to get back on the bike and do a lot of riding. In 5 months I reckon I can fully explore all the rides around Yilan and total up maybe 6000km. That’s ambitious but there it is, shoot for the moon right? I’ll be on paternity leave so I’ll either have plenty of time to ride or no time, I really have no idea how kids work so we’ll have to see how that ends up going.


Well, your post motivated …
I added 40.000 elevated meters to the goal, next to the 5k in distance … pretty much my 2018 results.
Age is my one to beat, so I will be more than happy if I can keep this for the next 5 yrs … we will see … :wink:

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If experience, amongst cycling friends, is true. You won’t have time, but you set your goal. I’m sure you’ll make time.

Honestly, any riding, is better than no riding. I think about 100km out of 8000km was via Youbike.


Thanks @ranlee for the shout-out.

Did surpass 6000km by a couple hundred klicks in 2019, which was more than double that of previous year. Elevation a couple 1000m over 40,000m.

For 2020, I’d be satisfied to do 6000 again, as January has started off somewhat slow; glad to break 7000; and would be extremely happy (or dumb-founded) at anything over 8000.

Keep :bike: y’all

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Hit the first 1.000km at 7 weeks.
Not bad, and an above average start of the year for a change.
Must say that setting a clear target motivates largely, thx to this thread.