2021 Cycling Goals

As we all reflect on our 2020 cycling goals

It’s just hitting me now that we are at the edge of 2020 and can start forgetting about this interesting year we have had.

As cyclists, we are tremendously lucky to be in Taiwan where we can cycle outside and not have to wear masks while riding.

Going forward, in 2021, I won’t put a km goal as that really pressures me until the end of the year to log in some mileage.

I hope to have time to do around the island or at least do a slow tour of the east coast and include SuHua Highway in that trip. I did huan dao last year in December with a few friends, but due to a prior engagement, our trip had to be 6 days and 5 days of riding. I did not see much of Taiwan…it was mostly 5 days of looking at my cycling computer and making sure we made check in time at our destination.

I am going to add, stay healthy, injury free and recover correctly after rides, no matter what the intensity of the ride!

What do you guys have planned for 2021?



I have 3 hard months of leg and lower back rehab in front of me. Then another 3 months to cement that work in. I was planning on doing the English Channel swim come September but that looks doubtful. Probably have to push that one out to 2023 if all things go well. So that means getting back on the bike this year. I’ve got an ok bike sitting there that needs some work. Stripped back, new paint job, rims, and gears. So if the next 3 months go well I guess I’ll be riding to work after that. Hopefully get back to my 200km per week average by the end of this year.


I did Wuling last year. I barely made it. I walked quite a bit in the last 10km but people say it counts so I’m going to say I did it. To be honest, it was a bit nightmarish and it does not play to my strengths (of rides of no more than an hour). So this year, I want to break my pr up Xiwan Road (that main 10k segment). I came surprisingly close last year by riding on the wheel of someone on a second time up the mountain. I was about two minutes off. Not bad, I think, for a second, consecutive time up the hill. It made me think I can beat it.

The road is close to my house. I can leave in the morning and be back before everyone wakes on a Saturday or Sunday morning. Perfect for me.


Wow. How long does that take you? I see it’s a 34km distance. That’s just insane.

Going to leave this here for you to reference :wink:


That’s such a big feat despite long climbs not being your forte!

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Fix my flat tire. May need a new tube…


It’s definitely not my forte, but at well under one hour (my pr- okay I’ll say it - is a bit under 50 minutes), it’s a goal I can really tackle and enjoy trying. Multiple hour rides just aren’t my thing!

Let my son learn how to ride and cycle together riverside.


I expect a report back on your progress.

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Don’t hold your breath. It may take a while. :grin:

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Oooh, I wasn’t planning on it :smiley:, but a goal is better than no goal.

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If I get a good run it should be about 14 hours. If the tides and currents don’t work in my favour probably about 19 hours.

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Gonna set my sights high and say…

buy a colnago c64 yis pls thnx


Realistically though, just more time outside for 2021 please.

I added a bit. I was lucky enough to go through 2020 with no crashes and no injuries. I hope to be able to continue that trend going into 2021. Life really sucks when you can’t cycle due to injury.

I have noticed that I do not recover as fast as I used to. Factors include, but are definitely not exclusive to age and stress. I know if stress levels keep increasing and I do not eat, cool down and stretch correctly, I will definitely be more prone to injury. So my new goals run hand and hand!

I plan to try the KOM again this year pending how busy work gets. I also want to explore more off-road trails and get the buddhist hand done in under 5 hours.

Now that’s a feat. Good luck!

Any 2021 cycling goals?

I just came across the 2021 Yangming Mt. Challenge and today is the due date to enter. It is on March 6th.
Here is the link: https://bao-ming.com/eb/content/4709#23202

This is my first real goal of 2021 I guess.

Oh wow, this is a new race route. Before YMS KOM route would take you from around Shimen down to Jinshan and up the No.2 to Xiao You Keng.

Good luck! This event should be packed with strong people.

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They ran this last year, it is well run…the starting area is a bit of a cluster though. If you are driving to the start plan to arrive early.

If I’m not mistaken, there’s plenty of road side parking over by Sanzhi and you can roll over to Bai Sha Wan as a warm up.