2021 Cycling Goals

All I know is the starting area and the immediate surroundings was a cluster last year.

Is there a good website for these events? I think registering for one would get me off my butt finally.

What is the norm for getting back to your car after you have completed the challenge?

Also, if I read it correctly it says it is 15km long, average gradient of 4.87% and you will reach an elevation of 592.94m? On the poster there is a little cyclist and 0-815m is on it? What does that mean?

I signed up in the participation group, not competition. I have never done a bike race before so I imagine the participation group will take it easy compared to the people wanting to win the damn thing. pic1

Yeah it is all in Chinese, I got wifey to sign me up for it.

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2021 I’m going to do the round the island in March, after that cut my river/road cycling distances down.
Realised I’ve been doing more than I’m capable of and it’s really wearing me out.

Plan on getting my Santa Cruz Superlite over from UK by summer and do what I really love ATB.

Going to ship my Asta F35 SE, Ultegra group set to UK.

Ride back to it…in this case its an easy ride back.

Your group will be relatively relaxed and once it starts going up will spread out quickly. Be hyper vigilant during the first bit along the coast and just hold a steady line and try to maintain some distance ahead to react to things. Bring enough fuel not only for the way up but for the way back, you’ll be tired and will need to concentrate.

Yeah, the 0-815 is from last year’s route that took you up to Xiao You Keng from Jin Shan. Pay no attention to that.

Have to follow the main event organizers like

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I went onto google maps and found the route with street view and doesn’t seem difficult at all compared to the hills I have been climbing up near my house. I am glad it is an easy route for my first “race”.

I know the big ass KOM race they don’t let you ride back down so I wasn’t sure.

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I deactivated my fb a long time ago. I’ve been looking for an excuse to get back on. Will need to do some changes regarding “friends,” though!

I’m usually okay with the Chinese for these types of things. I just wish there was a single website. Something like this for running (and even triathlons):

There used to be a cycling event thread here on forumosa, right?

I also plan to get my mates 1999 Muddy Fox Aluminum frame over to build a gravel bike.


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I tried, but failed miserably at updating that.


The last section seems pretty damn tough if I followed the right route on google maps (their pic is a bit low definition) but that is how these KOM challenges all end right? Worst bit is at the end…

Side note, the inside of my elbows were aching a shit ton recently. I haven’t ridden in a bit and used ice and it feels better. Is that from locking my arms straight? It hurts about 1-2cm below my bicep towards my hand under the line your arm makes when you bend it.

It looks like we have websites. No need for fb.


Is this happening from the new bike or still riding the old one?

Started with the old bike but didn’t feel any better on the new bike.

I think it might be medial epicondylitis


Never lock your arms straight! always have some bend at the elbows.

Straight arms can lead to elbow joint damage, but much more importatnly, bent arms reduce road shock transfer to your steering. If you hit a bump with straight arm, you push all that isteering input right nto your handelbars, and can crssh.

My goal is to go on my first ride for the year right about now. i broke a wrist skiing (well, to be honest, I didn’t have a single fall while skiing but then I slipped on some ice in the carpark!) and after 6 weeks, it MIGHT be ok to ride now.

Hook of hamate, a bone i have broken before (on the Graveyard clinb, descending into a BMW X5).

don’t do that!