2021 Cycling Goals

Yeah I need to focus on my form more, I am a new cyclist so experiencing things I have never done before. I think it is from going downhill and locking my elbows and tensing up. Also, my abs get lazy and having stiff arms takes the strain off the abs too.

What did the driver say or do after? Did he try blame you for it?

Of course it was my fault. Even though he was right up against my right/ his left side of the road in a corner with a big drop off to my left/ his right.

I see they updated their picture to the correct number.

Also, 60% chance of rain next week Saturday. What happens if it is raining on race day? They go on with it?

I paid $1030NTD to enter and I’m not sure if they give refunds. I should go ride in the rain today then to practice for next week.

My only experience with this is that they go forward with the race. For my particular event, I went to the race. Not many others because it was pouring buckets in the mountains. I entered the less popular shorter route. The result was that I ended up getting 3rd place! I still laugh about that race. I thanked the guys who beat me because they really drove me hard when I would have been very lazy about pushing myself all alone in the mountains.

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How many km was your race?

I’m not sure what 400 people would be like in wet conditions. I did enter the “participate” group and not the “compete” group. So I think it will be okay.

It was under 60k. And I believe if it does rain, many won’t show up. But again, I have only that one experience to judge by so I could be wrong about everything!

Unless it’s typhoon conditions, you race!

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