2020 : My journey towards getting Taiwanese Citizenship for myself and my infant daughter


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Well they scared the crap out of my in-laws. They called their home (my hukou) and said I am draftable because this year only Y74 or older are exempt (I’m Y75). Left a name and number to call.

I called them back, I just needed to provide some background info and confirm other details they already knew. said I will be draftable at the beginning of next year but next year I will be exempt so I won’t need to do any service. In the meantime, in their system I will appear as if I haven’t done my service yet but will be updated next year to “not-draftable” or something like that.


It is not technically 1 year but January first of the next year after obtaining ID.


As a data point, I was treated as if it was 1 year (~365 days) from date of obtaining the ID card.

I’ve also heard that if they can’t conscript you for the full period of time you should serve (i.e. 1 year), they won’t. Shifts the date even further. Don’t have a source for that though.


As another data point, I was told I would be exempt for 1 year from the day your first HHR is established. I turned 36 during that year and was never contacted by the conscription office.

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Thanks for sharing. I am also Y75, so hopefully the same will apply to me too. Do you expect any issues while traveling this year since the system will show “not served”?

I asked this yesterday and they said I shouldn’t have problems traveling.

I just got my ID. Everything went smooth.

HHR also helped me apply for my NHI card and Citizen Digital Certificate but will take about a week to have it ready. I don’t mind waiting.


Congratulations! :beers:

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@Fuzzy_Barbecue if you want to leave the country any time before Dec.31 2022 you need to go get your ROC passport stamped at NIA. Otherwise immigration will not let you leave the country.

Thanks @DakenX for letting me know ahead of time and saving me a huge headache!


Congrats!!! Now go wave that shiny new card in front of all those who say “不好意思! 外國人沒辦法申請或參加哦!” :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


3 days in and that phrase has changed to: “Wait for a moment, I need to get my supervisor to help me with this” (people running in the background and making phone calls).

In all fairness, that has been the case for existing accounts and government-related services. Everything done from scratch has been super smooth!


Enjoy watching them scurry. :beers:

I’d be interested to know what happens when you update your accounts from foreigner to national in places like banks. In your experience, have the banks you go to been able to do it, or do they want you to close and open a new account?

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When I converted to a Citizen, I had no problems at any banks (kept all my old accounts, just had to sign a bunch of papers) or Govt. Institutions (DMV, NHI), but they all required the 戶口名簿(HHR booklet) as that is where your TARC ID number is printed which proves that this foreigner is indeed a citizen now.
Oh one more thing @DakenX @frank_hnd , don’t be in such a hurry to go update your records as it will usually take a week or so for all the institutions to synchronize their databases with the HHR.


I updated 3 banks and just filled out the usual documents. The only account I will have to close and open a new one is the securities account. I need to transfer stocks , close it, open it back up and move the stocks back. Takes at least a week according to the lady at the bank.

So far each bank has taken at least an hour to do it. I still have to update 1 more bank and my credit cards.

Yes, this document is absolutely required for every change to prove that you were that person.


Just a quick update. Still haven’t received my letter of permanent settlement.

Day 22 of living without an ARC or a Taiwan ID.


Have you called them?

In this thread: Data points

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Day 26 today. Still haven’t gotten it, but I did get some answers.

I called them a few times. Kaohsiung office would say call Taipei. Taipei office would say call Kaohsiung. I emailed them too. They simply replied that my case was “under progress”.

TBH, it’s been a stressful week. Thankfully, I found a local to help me. My friend called them and got some answers finally:

  1. My case officer got COVID. God bless her. Hope she gets well. I wish they’d just told me that.

  2. Reason for why immigration rejected my Taiwanese “marriage certificate” as proof was because when a “Taiwanese” marries a “Filipino”, an interview with MOFA is mandatory. We skipped that when we married 5 years ago because we were both foreigners. But now that I am going to be Taiwanese, they NEED to make sure my wife didn’t marry me for a VISA. LOL! Hence the re-verification. It’s not explicit but I bet it has something to do with her nationality.

They said I might get the letter by this Friday or this coming Monday.

P.S. After getting off the phone with immigration, my friend said that I wouldn’t have had all this trouble if I had just married a Taiwanese girl. LOL