2020 USA Presidential Election (Alleged) Vote Fraud

It’s hard to imagine how Joe Biden broke the record for the most votes ever cast for a US presidential candidate, previously held by Obama. Joe has no charisma, poor attendance at his rallies, weak policies and obvious signs of dementia.


Isn’t it just population growth?

I doubt it. Firstly the population hasn’t grown that much since 2008 (approx. 8%). Secondly Joe isn’t half the candidate that Obama was.

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Fear is a motivating factor to vote too. There is lots of room above the 55% turnout of 2016.

Higher turnout is a low bar for the US.

We already have a topic on the 2020 election.


What are you talking about?
Next to Trump he is the sexiest man on earth.


The alleged 89% turnout in one place is as believable as a chocolate kettle.


My kids got a chocolate kettle for Halloween.


Maybe it’s less about Joe’s charisma and more about the sitting president being an unprofessional asshole.


Reminds me of most of the right-wingers on this site. Ironic.

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A reminder to everyone to keep things civil, broad swipes at members of the forum is uncivil @jimipresley please let’s have less of that. Thank you.


Sorry, Mick. That was out of order. My apologies.


Surely there’s better voting technology than this.


A chocolate kettleball?

There is. Blockchain voting backed by social security numbers.

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There is. It’s called paper.


Hilarious title. Thanks for the constant entertainment meant to not be taken seriously, like fox news claims in court. :joy:

My contribution for evidence, it’s as rock solid as the rest. See those eggs? They’re covering thousands of Trump ballots. :100:

No paper. It’s impossible to verify every vote reliably. With blockchain, every vote could be verified by anyone with a PC and consensus would be universal. Results would be ready within minutes after the polls closed too.

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Nope. Paper is the most secure form of voting out there.

Most of my arguments can be read in this topic.

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Could do both, blockchain on paper, UV printing of dots invisible to the naked eye and the PO could track every one of the mail in ballots.

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Plus changing demographics.

Once people get a grasp on this, they’ll be able to realize both why it’s not voter fraud, and why states like Texas turning blue in the future also aren’t voter fraud.

Reality is a hard smack in the face sometimes though.

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