2020 USA Presidential Elections Latest II

How special. Meanwhile, over 250,000 Americans have died this year from Covid. And the number is rising by 2,000 every day.

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Flawed numbers. How many died in a car crash and were tested positive with a test that is 7% accurate? Underlying conditions etc.
Dr Roger Hodkinson is on the ball with that.

Anyway, I take it you support putting the prices back up.

Ah, a Covid Truther. Just like you’re a 2020 Election Truther. Everything that reflects poorly on Trump is a conspiracy, right?

I go off the likes of Dr Roger Hodkinson, you go off the medical-political complex that is making a killing off of this.

The likes of some quack doctor who goes against 99% of the epidemiologist community and the ‘Dilbert’ cartoonist. Oh, I almost forgot “random Malaysian guy.” Yeah, you have all the most reliable sources. :joy:

Quack? Because he is not on CNN which is backed by the medical-political complex. Should I post some more Dr names or start quoting the likes of the BMJ?
It would make no difference anyway. You will forever bow to big pharma.
Scott Adams - great guy, high IQ and has some great ideas. Malaysian guy more patriotic to the US than any Dems I come across here.

Would you refuse cheaper drug prices and pay higher because you don’t support Trump. Of course you would.

So Biden runs with the message that he’s going to help the American people and yet he’s already asking Americans for a bridge loan for his transition.

Funny how the Senator from MBNA apparently can’t get a line of credit.

Fortunately, there are people with ideas.

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So because people don’t agree with you or don’t support Trump they are not patriotic? And if that is not it, then what leads you to believe ANY Dem on here is not patriotic?


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Ha, it’s a truther’s world now!

Your disregard to human lives is simply shocking/appalling.
Underlying conditions? So you mean worthless lives or what do you mean by that?
How many died in a car crash?First of all, whataboutism.
Secondly, it’s another tragedy happening everyday and is unacceptable! Thirdly, if you are a crazy driver, chances are you are only killing yourself.

A German study showed that about 85% died from corona and the rest eventually died with corona.

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So is the Democrat voter fraud.

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Nice try going with the guilt trip. Coming from someone who supported Obama’s arming of ji-hadists in Lybia.
You sound like Cuomo. The man who put the old in care homes so they could die.
In the UK most deaths were due to excess mortality. The people who could not get cancer treatment or heart treatment because the empty hospitals were at breaking point with billions of C19 patients.
The elite treat it as a farce when you see them at restaurants without masks and preach that the serfs should be wearing them.
The car crash thing - in the UK - let’s say you tested +ve and 26 days later you died in a car crash, you are classed as a covid death, same with anything - like a heart attack. Thus the numbers are flawed and cannot be taken seriously along with the testing which the Portuguese supreme court said, “if someone is tested by PCR as positive when a threshold of 35 cycles or higher is used (as is the rule in most laboratories in Europe and the US), the probability that said person is infected is less than 3%, and the probability that said result is a false positive is 97%.”
The Dr Roger Hodkinson video is a great eye opener.
The military-political complex is making a killing literally and you can line up for their vaccines for what is ‘another flu’.

This time, Biden’s winning base in 477 counties encompasses fully 70% of America’s economic activity, while Trump’s losing base of 2,497 counties represents just 29% of the economy.

Biden captured virtually all of the counties with the biggest economies in the country (depicted by the largest blue tiles in the nearby graphic), including flipping the few that Clinton did not win in 2016.

By contrast, Trump won thousands of counties in small-town and rural communities with correspondingly tiny economies (depicted by the red tiles). Biden’s counties tended to be far more diverse, educated, and white-collar professional, with their aggregate nonwhite and college-educated shares of the economy running to 35% and 36%, respectively, compared to 16% and 25% in counties that voted for Trump.
In short, 2020’s map continues to reflect a striking split between the large, dense, metropolitan counties that voted Democratic and the mostly exurban, small-town, or rural counties that voted Republican. Blue and red America reflect two very different economies: one oriented to diverse, often college-educated workers in professional and digital services occupations, and the other whiter, less-educated, and more dependent on “traditional” industries.

Red counties: Keep those welfare checks coming while we badmouth you. If the urban voters (you know, the Negroes we try to keep from voting) in our state pass Obamacare, maybe we can afford false teeth to cuss at you big-city folks.

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As far as I know you exchanged one word in this whole ramble of yours and that is infected instead of infectious.

Baseless claim, already confirmed in numeral court sessions in different states.

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That’s some Grade A clapback.

No talk on radical Islamic terrorism in this election during the debates. Fair play to Trump. No other president will be able to do that. Plus no regime changes. It will no doubt return under Beijing Biden and his sponsors in the Military Industrial Complex.

If certified, when Beijing Biden and the war mongers start to murder children in Syria, and radical terrorism returns to U.S. soil in response, we’ll think back to the last 4 years as the golden era of peace and prosperity.

For those keeping score in the real world


Steve Bannon mentioned how he’d like to behead government officials, does that count?

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