2021 Canada Election

Well, this is an event that has everybody buzzing. It was sixth on the listings of articles for the Vancouver Sun (middle-of-the-road paper, Vancouver’s biggest), and didn’t make the trending news section.
The consensus seems to be “meh”; some people are mad at Trudeau for calling the election two years after the last one, in the middle of a pandemic, just so he could get a majority. OTOH, typically Canadian, they might give it to him- polls are split whether the Liberals will squeak through.
Conservative leader O’Toole is not likely to win friends and influence people with policies like this, with most Canadians being sane when it comes to public health and pandemics:

Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole said late Sunday he is opposed to mandatory vaccinations for federal public servants and instead prefers a regular rapid testing regime to keep workplaces safe from COVID-19.

O’Toole ducked questions for nearly a week about the Liberal government’s plan to implement a vaccine mandate for bureaucrats, transportation workers and most passengers travelling by air and rail, a program Ottawa says will help boost stalled vaccination rates at a time when COVID-19 case counts are on the rise.

O’Toole said the Liberal plan is a divisive one and Canadians instead “want a reasonable and balanced approach that protects their right to make personal health decisions.”

Liberals are cringey, conservatives are strait proven traitors. Its impossible to vote for either.

I vote green simply to get some form of environmental voice into a government that is essentially handicapped. Not that i want the greens to hold a majority either.

I go back and forth between them and the NDP. The Greens seem a bit too upper-middle class “why don’t those grotty workers make sacrifices like we do when we buy a brand-new Tesla?”; the NDP has an element of gung-ho “pro any kind of development as long as it means jobs”.
The Liberals you know are going to get revealed as slimily corrupt sooner or later, the eastern Tories can be sensible but the western wackos dominate the party currently.
Luckily, I don’t vote.

i think the mess in the green party right now is another reason to hold the election

I don’t tend to vote when i’m abroad, although i prefer to keep my right to do so (thanks, liberals)

I voted my local NDP candidate the last two federal elections in canada

I’ll be voting conservative once again. Justin Trudeau’s handling of the pandemic is a D at best.


I don’t know much about Canadian politics. But when I see Trudeau, I automatically think wimp.

I can’t see him being able to face down a girl scout across a negotiation table, let alone someone like Xi.

i stand by my statement

They only changed it when the the writing was on the wall that they would lose in court to try to take credit.

The conservative government chose to enforce something the previous liberal government did not enforce, and the liberal government chose to introduce legislation before the supreme court ruling. The conservative government tried to “take credit” for disenfranchising overseas Canadians, and in connection with other messaging and decisions it is not a surprise that they were voted out and haven’t been voted back in. They probably won’t win this time, either.

I’m not disagreeing with you. But I think it was only a cheap way to score political points.

If so, introducing legislation to expand voting rights for Canadian citizens is the kind of cheap political point scoring I can support. Better than the cheap political points inherent in ‘old stock Canadians’.

Well no. I think it’s a cheap political trick because the government knew the writing was on the wall. They knew the Supreme Court was gonna rule against them. So they took the time to pretend like this was something they were gonna do all along.

I’ve been abroad for 30 years, so I don’t think it’s fair for me to interfere in elections of people who live there.

i generally agree with you, but as a canadian citizen without other nationality what happens there can affect me, so i prefer to have the option. when one government takes steps to remove that option, it makes me view them less favourably…

US deaths per million 1,883
UK 1,936
Sweden 1,451
Germany 1, 097
Australia 38
Taiwan 34
Canada 706
Certainly not as good as Australia or Taiwan, but better than other wealthy northern hemisphere countries.
What is it about the Conservative’s policies you like- the fact they oppose vaccination mandates?

You can just ask me instead of assuming.

How does taking citizens rights away, one of the more important ones at that, score pollitical points? They should of been arrested for that. I just cant vote for aperson or party that supports such treasonous behaviours.

I think you might have the argument backwards.

What is it about the Conservative’s policies on Covid that you that you like? What about Trudeau’s handling of the pandemic deserves a D?

How so? Not sure your logic. We should be arrested for having rights? Or…a funny joke because the traitors took my vote away and so i couldnt vote for them even if i wanted to?