2021 Canada Election

They didn’t take your vote away, they added the vote in at the last minute before the Supreme Court was going to do it anyways.

My accusation is that since the courts were hearing this and about to do this anyways, the Liberals take credit for something the courts were going to do anyways.

Oh ok, i gotcha. That still absolutely does not warrant forgiveness for their actions, unless they do something to prove their worth. If you are voting for them, i suppose you feel they have already… The fact they would try shows how unfit they are to run a country. Which is sad as it essentially has masked whatever good things they did by being such tools.

End of the day i really hope we stay with monorities for a while. Not one party i would want to have majority powers right now.


Erin O’Toole




Justin Trudeau



New Democrat

Jagmeet Singh



Bloc Québécois

Yves-François Blanchet




Annamie Paul





Arrows indicate change in party support since Aug. 28, 2021.

Looks like Justin screwed up.

If you posted a beard pic of justin he would be +0.4% haha.

Im voting green this time as everyone seems to be shit. Just give a plus 1 to our environment.

annamie paul seems to have put herself before her party, there’s not future in that kind of leadership

Hence why i say thye are all shit this run. i do NOT like the green leader at all. Im voting to environment have a seat in he government. We all now it will most likely be western BC that votes in any greens anyway, so they wont steal away the election from Ontario :slight_smile:

I agree, i would be terrified to have her, and her party, in power. But i want a voice in the government still.

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Have you talked to your local candidates and seen what they say as well?

Patrick Brazeau and the commentators in the video thought the same.

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Talked to them this election, no. But i have watched their their speeches and what they talk about. Thats why my area (dont want to say exact location, but its coastal bc and we care about pollution haha) is a green hub, as much as there can be anyway. Last election i voted green as well because the local candidate said sone things i agree with. Its still early this round and i am still pliable in my opinions so far, but i am certainly leaning green to get a few green seats in mix. I base this mostly on an envirobmental/ecology type decision this time and less so a political agenda or economic decision, precisely because i know they wont hold power but i hope they have an official voice.

As i have said before, i just cant go torry, those pricjs crossed a line that should be uncrossable. The liberals, well…obvious no. NDP i have voted for in the past (first run of Layton), but they are generally a meh as well and cant do it this time.

To be fair if greens sonehow held a majority i think it would be disasteroys, i would hope for certain conservatives, liberals and ndp to also have voices to help with checks and balances. Any leadership with absolute power i am quite against. Variety is goid, and i vote for sustainability and science over most else.

Such as…

We have talked many times before. Taking away voting rights of citizens. that is a line that should not be crossed, the fact they tried is unforgivable. I think i even usedthe same keywords before to.voice my disgust. Harper in general is just disgusting, but not poin bringing him up. Fact is the party played along with what should be considered treason.

For that reason alone, its impossible to vote for such traitors. Fool me once kind of situation. Otherwise liberals and torries are “same shit, different smell”

I guess we just disagree. I liked Harper.

The government enforced laws that were on the books that people a long time ago made, for better or worse.

The Supreme court decided that these laws were unconstitutional. The conservatives did not ‘take your rights’ away.

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Yup, and that is fair to disagree :slight_smile: its how respectuful conversation happens.

Though i would a note to your point. Conservatives ~tried~ to take OUR rights aways, but the courts stopped their attempts at taking citizens rights away. So i chalk this up to:

Conservatives: -100
Courts: +1 (aka doing their job properly)

I am curious though, do you agree with them in wanting to take citizens rights to vote away? I have yet to meet a canadian that agreed w ith that.

Harper rubbed me the wrong way before he was the big puba when we wrote to usa apologizing on behalf of canadians not joining the iraq war. Ever since then he has made some pretty douchebag moves. Increasing prison culture was another i was not so keen on…any thoughts?

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I don’t think they tried to take away anything though.

We didn’t have a right to vote overseas.

Judicial system said, that’s not how we interpret the charter right, and fixed it.

i think old stock canadians vs. barbaric cultural practices hotline was pretty douche-y

I liked Harper on a number of fronts, but not on the overseas voting stuff or the nativism on Iggy (that he wasn’t as Canadian for being successful overseas).

Certainly respected Trudeau on the boxing, but his promises on proportional representation, his treatment of Jody Wilson - Raybould, costume scandals, Aga Khan scandal, WE charity scandal, etc. etc. Think the Cons are the lesser of two evils…actually like Jagmeet the best although am not an NDP supporter federally at least.


Thats where i am at except i dont get why people care about costume parties so much. That is so low down the priority list of important thungs that when people complain about justin doing it you have to winder if he is actually grrat just because they complain about such a non issue.

I dont think he is great by the way, just think that isnt the issue to lynch him on. i mean, i go back to edit my posts to edit his name to a lower case J cause i hate him so much haha. The dislike is in the details :wink: There are far more realistic issues to call him on.

@marco so you really have no issue with what they tried? We are all good to disagree, but that single point is now a non starter with conservatives in my opinion. Until they apologize for said idiocy. Cause, ya know, im still canadian and saying sorry fixes all wrong doings…

I disagree that they ‘tried’ anything.

The liberals had a decade of majority governments prior to Harper. Why didn’t they do anything about it? We didn’t have the right in law. The Conservatives could not take away rights we didn’t have.

I don’t agree with not letting overseas Canadians vote, but the Conservatives didn’t try to take away any rights cause there was no right there to begin with.

The liberals were as complacent with the law on the books, the law should be clear.

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That is a fair point i guess. The torries brought it out to the open though. Perhaps in the end it was a good thing…though the liberals are complete shit too, i am not trying to say they are golden by any means. I feel i should go back and read a bit more now to see just how this surfaced with the conservatives.

Technically, anyone out of the country over five years and that did vote committed voter fraud. If you had done this, you broke the law and could be charged. New governments that come in with fresh faced MPs often do start going through the whole government and checking to see what to change or if anything seems amiss. A law not being enforced?

A lot of people argue that if you don’t pay taxes, you shouldn’t have a say in the country. It could easily just be someone just going through the laws.

Overseas citizen voting remains a contentious issue across a lot of countries and isn’t universal. Most force you to fly home to vote. Italy did this up till 2001. In Italy, only transit within the country was free. Taiwan still does this.

The proper procedures were followed. Speaking about it, challenging it etc… and the Supreme Court decided.

I don’t believe anything nefarious was being done.

And besides. Erin O’Toole is the most Pro Taiwan leadership candidate we’ve ever had. The cons are probably gonna get my vote specifically because of that.