20th century technology that still works

Some cc issuers still offer the device as a back-up, just in case.

Ya. Time for all these “just-in-cases” to end. Same with things like Fax machines (still a rage in Japan), physical sim cards, legacy SMS service, etc

physical SIM cards are a must

Not really. Nothing it does that cannot be done in the phone itself. And way more secure than physical
SIM cards.

I use mine in multiple devices

eSIM has been in use from 2016

Can you transfer eSIM between multiple devices painlessly? I doubt it.

For example, I can put my SIM card in my phone, my iPad or my PC/laptop and carry a single device. Possible with eSIM?

Only because carriers have stubbornly refused to support it. There’s no tech reason. If physical SIMs are made redundant, carriers won’t have an option.

Service providers should just let us create accounts and register MAC addresses to them.

Exactly. Just think like Wi-Fi on corporate accounts. Username password that’s it. Pick any carrier in the world.

All these tech like SIM cards are from the 90s when you needed that. You don’t anymore. But ya company mindset is also resistant to change.

What’s wrong with that?

But if you have system privileges you could alter your MAC in your packets… Even IMEI could be changed, if you have root privilege…

Yes… I remember similar things being done on the PS3.

But if to identical addresses tried connecting at the same time, they would know and could take appropriate action.

Oh yeah. MORE control given to companies. I like SIM cards cause it lets me take out the SIM when I want.

While everyone else argues about how ‘Big Government’ is taking away your freedoms. Companies have been actually salami slicing your freedoms all this time.


Exactly, imagine if that was controlled by a company… oh sorry the system was down, couldn’t give you access to critical info because our tech support was busy.

any you can do the exact same thing with a username and password. There’s no extra or less control here.

FYI: if they want they can control and spy on you as they like, you won’t even know.

I would certainly know if I am being controlled.

nope, credentials can be shared just like your mom’s Netflix account. A physical SIM card can’t is a better solution than user/pass.

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Digital switches are not infalliable. If power is cut, there’s no hacking. There’s no backdoor to physical removal. There’s no stupid charges or second carrier fees etc…

That worked well in a time when mobile data wasn’t at all useful. These days it’s hard to know if the same MAC or IMEI is trying to connect to the internet at different locations because the connection is poor and the mobile device is switching between base stations or what. Unless they are really far apart, otherwise there’s no way to tell.