39 bodies found in a truck [UK]

39 dead bodies including 1 teen found in a truck in Essex (UK). The 25-year old driver has been arrested.

Not many details yet.


We believe the lorry is from Bulgaria and entered the country at Holyhead on Saturday 19 October and we are working closely with our partners to investigate.

Reminds me of this incident:

That’s grisly .

Does it matter? They are all dead.

Human trafficking, I’m guessing. Maybe everyone suffocated in there.

That’s unexpected.

It’s reported that the driver turned the freezer compartment on. Weird if he knew they were in there.

Which Chinese?

I would guess poor Chinese.

just looking at the timeline, the trailer was only in the uk for just over an hour before the bodies where found

Some reports indicate that it was the truck driver who made the discovery and alerted the authorities. It’s said he just picked up the trailer from the port and drove it to where the bodies were discovered. If that’s true then the English newspapers have a problem as they have his picture splashed all over their front pages making him out to be a mass murderer.

The trailer they were in was a refrigerated trailer capable of cool (-5°C) or frozen (-25°C) temperatures. The trailer was also pretty much airtight. It’s unclear if it was turned on and if so for how long.


The photos they are using are publicly available photos, and the papers are all saying he has been arrested, he hasn’t been charged. Nothing that can be prosecuted against in the uk. what will happen if he is innocent, it will be all over the papers saying he’s also a victim and one of the papers will pay him a bung for an exclusive interview.

My question is why go to the UK as illegal immigrants when Asia is the economic engine of the planet?

Those people smugglers are extremely greedy!

RIP 39 :bouquet::bouquet::bouquet:

The UK remains an attractive destination for Chinese illegal immigrants. There are illegal jobs available.

China is only an economic engine for some of its population.


Not all Chinese exist legally in China, for instance many 2nd children from the 1 baby policy could not be registered (huge fines) so do not have ID cards and hence can not be employed, schooled, see doctors etc etc.


Interesting point. I’m surprised such a large number were moving together but it’s obviously a well organized racket.

not a reliable newspaper but it will give you a bit of an insight

A lot of organized crime operated by Chinese smuggle in fellow citizens to do the dirty work on the ground.

And you can’t just move to another province to work in China. You’re basically screwed if you don’t hold a passport from Beijing or one the rich southern provinces. The contrast is huge, most people never see the undeveloped side of china.

Interesting question.

Maybe now that China’s secrets are being exposed, the literal boatloads -because they are Friggin shops full of them, not pateras- of Chinese people freighter to South America as if they were car parts will be exposed.

If lucky to reach shore, indentured slavery under Chinese mafias awaits them.

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Thanks for posting this info. The reports I caught last night left me feeling suspect about the story.