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Clutching my virtual trophy with no plan to relinquish. Good luck to all challengers.

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So anybody else doing multiple mock drafts these days?

What trends are you seeing?

I’ve done almost two dozen mock drafts now (all standard) and Christian McCaffery has gone off first in all but one (Barkley). I’ve never seen either Mahomes or L Jackson make it out of the second round, which seems like an awful high price to pay for either.

Nobody seems to want to draft Jo-Jo Smith-Schuster, Sony Michel, Deebo Samuel, or Davante Bigfoot Parker until waay after their ADP.

There seems to be some hesitation over taking Derrick Henry, Deshaun Watson, and DeAndre Hopkins at their ADP.

Anybody else?

You using the Fantasypros simulated mocks? Pretty fun and useful. I’ve been doing 2QB mocks mostly. Tomorrow’s my only normal 1QB league. McCaffery should be first. There’s always some guy who likes to have the big name QB, I wouldn’t :slight_smile: I guess there’s some nervousness about Ben’s elbow for JoJo. Parker has Preston Williams back in the fold, that hurt him last year. In standard I’d definitely like Henry! Not interested in those 2nd tier QB like Watson, haven’t paid attention. I got Hopkins in one league as WR2, pretty stoked.

This seemed like a weird year for us to start a league, but we should come back to it.

Fantasypros and yahoo.

Yeah I think JoJo is being held back by his qb’s reconstructed elbow (supposedly the first such comprehensive reconstruction) for sure.

Parker has Williams, yeah, and he also seems to just disappear first half of every season. Way too easy to overpay for a guy like that.

I’ll take Derrick Henry in both standard and ppr whenever I can. I don’t care about his 400 touches last season, that guy is unique. Supposedly Vrabel’s offense has him more involved in the passing game this year; we’ll see.

I don’t like Hopkins as much this year since I reckon his targets will be down in Arizona’s offense, compared to Houston. That said, Kingsbury just may have something special whipped up this year for Hopkins. Hopkins is special for sure and I will def take him if the price is right. Same with Watson in Houston.

I wonder what effect Newton will have on Michel in NE, could go either way.

Yeah, I’m pretty stoked, too.

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He’s getting up there a little, I prefer other guys in PPR. We’ll see! NE running backs always seem like a minefield. I can never figure it out anyway. Definitely ready for this season!

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Season starts Friday morning! Still time to get in the game

I’ve cut back to three fantasy leagues this year because I have more to do these days.

I have the 3rd draft tomorrow morning, but the first two have not gone well. Both are 10-team leagues. In the first draft I picked 10th and in the second I picked 8th.

What I’m seeing is that both of my teams picked so far have the strongest strength-of-schedule in each league. Thinking I may do well just to make the playoffs this year. Will likely be a slave to the waiver market this year, sigh.

Tomorrow morning I will pick 10th in a 12-team standard league, so I may switch things up a bit. Also tempted to join a 4th, random league with a top 4 pick, just to see how that team fares this year.

Payment for NFL Game Pass just “went through” (gotta love the powers that be in the NFL), and I also possess a spanking new Apple TV 4k device - and my Game Pass has been confirmed on the NFL app there. :happyrunningaround:

I am pretty sure my neighhors are all turned out for work by 8am on Monday mornings, btw. If a guy can’t be back in the US for quail season, is there any better news than this, than all of the above?

Jesus H Christ. I cannot wait for shit to go back to normal.

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How much does it cost?



US$129. There’s also a ~US$39 package you can get, too. I don’t remember the details, but I do recall that there are far fewer features.

Is full game replay for this season’s games only? And coaches’ film is the overhead view?

Back to 2012, including 40’ condensed games.

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$124.99 for me

I haven’t been staying up to speed on sports news. I assume no fans in the seats. Piped in crowd noise? Otherwise it’s going to be like watching an intense scrimmage (like NBA)

But still looking forward to watching Chiefs-Texans tomorrow morning in (vaca). Might even crack open a beer just to celebrate. :sunglasses:

Some have fans, which is crazy.

Im not sure what’s happening in jerry world…

That sounds right.

That’s what they’ve been doing in NHL, not the same intense atmosphere but you get used to it.