3rd Forumosa NFL Pick'em contest

That’s got to be a huge advantage over the course of the season, if TX teams for example can have real fans, while the teams they play on the road cannot.

Arrowhead was far from filled with fans. I was disappointed, if not surprised, that there were no fans in the end zones. Watching a Chef leap up into the frenzied hugs of fans would have been a nice moment, I think. One the country sorely needs.

Michaels said early in the broadcast that there was no fake noise, nothing piped in, all natural. Sounded like they may have got things up to around 120dB anyway.

Also, the Texans sorely missed Hopkins. Johnson had a good day with >100TY and a TD, but they lost the game. Beginning to wonder about O’Brien’s tenure in Houston after 2020.

Friend of mine in MN told me the Vikings-Packers game will have zero fans and noise piped in at about 80dB. That’s a huge missing 12th man advantage that the Vikings had. This whole season will be a bit strange but at least the NFL is back to some extent. College football…not so much.

Yeah I think we’re probably going to have to factor in whether the home team will have fans physically present at the game. If fans are physically present, it’s probably a signficant home field advantage.

Los Angeles has a brand new stadium, forget the name, but it will open this season. Supposedly has a huge series of giant, overhead screens called iirc Oculus. And they’re perfectly ok to open with zero fans. Surreal.

Feel sorry for teams playing in lockdown states.

And we’re off! @Rzarobbie takes the week one yellow helmet :yellow_helmet: with 10 wins on the week, though @ckw_64 is tied with him on wins and points. Somehow I only managed to pick 6 winners :confounded: and collect the week’s wooden spoon :spoon:

Not too late to get in, it’s a long season!

So a somebody in one of my public leagues actually dropped James Conner earlier this week. Claimed him on waivers, unexpectedly got him, and now have him slotted into my flex.

Necessary because late in round 1 of that draft my best rb option was Joe Mixon, who now seems to be on track for yet another slow start. Also, the Bengals are comprehensively fucked so far and unless the OL gets better fast I don’t see Mixon’s skills utilized properly.

Anyway, James Conner. A pearl in this season’s oyster so far (I’m 0-1).

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I went 0-5 last week lol. Nice free pickup, but we’ll see. Conner is tribe and all, but he tormented me all season last season. Let’s say he’s a bit fragile

Mixon should come around. This guy likes him, you may like it if you appreciate rapid-fire, somewhat profane, and non-pretentious commentary. Even if he is a Dolphins fan :slight_smile:

I almost im’d the person who dropped Connor to ask if they’d had him last year. I def have him on a short leash. Hoping he plays well at home this week since Benny Snell seems to be making a move. He should be motivated, I hope.

Other option is Nyheim Hines, who I picked up on the regular Tue night waiver wire as a replacement for Marlon Mack.

Thanks for the link, I’ll check it out. Last season Mixon came on strong late, hopefully something similar happens again.

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I went after Taylor in a few drafts, sorry for Mack but happy for me. Hynes should be a solid flex type.

This was probably a good move. I shied away because a, no pre-season and he’s a rookie, and b, he fumbled something like 20 times in his Wisconsin career. I was worried that Taylor wouldn’t make it on the field enough to justify a 2nd round pick.

But in a sample size of exactly one NFL game, he’s looked terrific. No risk no reward, it seems. :idunno:

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By the way, did anybody else note Joe Burrow’s stat line from Thursday night?

37/61 for 316yds, no interceptions (on 61 throws, 64 drop backs). QB rating of 90.6. 5/5 on 4th down.

No preseason. Second NFL game he’s ever played in. Away in Cleveland. Crap OL. No running game.

That’s special. Sooner or later Cincinnati is going to be good.

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So that’s Saquon Barkley and Nick Bosa both with likely season-ending knee injuries (looked like ACL for both), and we’re not even at halftime of any game yet.

Limited contact during preseason has been damaging enough in the past few seasons, but no preseason at all would seem to be very bad indeed, at least so far in 2020.

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Looks like Taylor is Indy’s rb1 as long as Mack is out. 26/101/1 rushing. 2/9/0 to Hines’s 1/4/0 in receiving. Saw him move a pile of Viking defenders five yards or more at least twice, in classic Badger rb fashion.

I ended up starting neither Conners (who had a great game) nor Hines. Went with Terry McLaurin instead, who also had a great game.

Taylor may already be ahead of KC’s CEH, who was not used at the goal line nor between the tackles (much) in Week 2. Taking Taylor as early as the 2nd round of any draft is probably going to pay big dividends, knock on wood. I don’t have him anywhere, unfortunately. :frowning_face:

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People who went after Hines and M Brown after week 1 aren’t happy. You never know when a guy goes off in one week.

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Jacksonville looked like warmed over shit, and by that I mean the best part of Gardner Minshew was AWOL. Good grief. An audible pitch on 3rd and 5 to the short side of the field?! Uh, wut? Then they go for it and Minshew takes a sack?!?

Defense also did not show up; anybody see the Jag rookie dback fail to touch the Miami receiver … who hopped up for a further 10 yd gain?

Whew. Stinker of a game.

I dumped Wertz for Minshew and started him over Ben, ugh. At least if he had hit Conley with NO ONE WITHIN 20 YARDS OF HIM it would have saved the day a bit.

That was unbelievable. The Jags just took the night off, phoned it in.

Gotta think the Jags would play much better on Thursday night if fans are present.

I guess it couldn’t have hurt!

I’m in only 1 cash league that we’ve had going now for something like 25yrs. Anyway, I managed to draft both AJones and ZElliot. Huge game by Jones last week was offset by lackluster game by Z. Very irritating that Dak scored 3 times, but I’m still happy to ride those 2 guys the rest of the season.

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So did Mixon win it for you this week @bojack?

I rocket up the boards this week going 11/15 for the :yellow_helmet: