3rd Forumosa NFL Pick'em contest

He did, for both teams that I have him.

Congrats, afraid my muse has moseyed on. Which is not unusual.

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I lost to Mixon this week. Would have been highest scorer in my league, but Mixon went off. Now I’m 0-4 for the season :confounded:

I think Mixon has a tough next two weeks ahead, but (I think) the back half of his season should be favorable.

I feel you. Covid has pretty much wrecked the first quarter of the season, which has served as the preseason for all teams. Now it’s come to multiple players put on bye unexpectedly, too, along with the weird injuries. Chefs-Pats was initially postponed, then moved back to Monday night. NFL depends on passion, and players are hard enough already to manage, much less making their emotions cogitate play, stop, play. Tough to manage.

Maybe it’s just injuries, maybe it’s just a short week, maybe Brady’s not enjoying his time in Tampa Bay, or maybe it’s Succop’s inability to kick the dang football out of the end zone in order to keep Cordarrelle Patterson from returning kickoffs out of the back of the end zone to around midfield, but Tampa Bay did not look good against the Bears.

Anybody else notice that immediately after sacking Brady at roughly 11:30 in the 3rd quarter Khalil Mack also rag dolled Bucs 318lb tackle Marquise Lucas to the turf? Chucked Lucas a couple feet away, with his right arm. No torn bicep or pec. Pretty impressive. Mack def brings bad intentions.

Damn. Was going through my picks twenty minutes before kickoff and the Giants were screaming at me. :thought_balloon:

“What do I know now that I didn’t know when I picked the Skins?” I thought. Nothing but a hunch. A strong hunch. One that I should have listened to.

Damn. :grimacing:

There’s never any joy to be had from NY teams!

Look who’s back on top. Just sayin.

Anybody else see Joe Burrow’s injury? About as bad as it gets short of a compound fracture. No bones fractured as far as I know, but his left knee was wrecked. In fact, he might not be ready to play by August 2021.

Not posting the replay, but it’s out there.

Heard about it! Tough break for the kid. How about Herbert! He looks like he’s going to be a star.

Yeah he really does.

Your Sam Darnold may just get away from Adam Gase, I hear. That could save his career, I reckon. That poor kid is on the verge of having his pro career ended by virtue of the mystery that is why tf does Adam Gase have a job in the NFL.

He will one way or another, even for the Johnsons no way Gase can last beyond this year! I swear I’ll start rooting for the Browns or something.

I don’t know about Darnold though. Obviously you can’t fault him for his performance under the circumstances, but I’m not seeing any fire from him. He seems kind of complacent. He also seems to be one of the few guys who gets along with Gase lol.

Look who’s back at the bottom :(((((((((

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At first I thought maybe he was Bobby Hebert’s kid, until I realized there was another ‘r’. :laughing:

Hang in there sport.

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I haven’t thought about Bobby a-bear this century, I don’t think. What a blast from the past. :grinning:

I wish I’d picked Herbert off the waiver wire everywhere right after Taylor got hurt. On one team I had drafted Dak and Wentz (real late), could really use Justin Herbert right about now. Tua got me all of 7 and change last week. :grimacing:

I always liked the way Bobby played. He actually gave the Aints hope for a short time :laughing:

I got him in 2 leagues, I’m 8-3 in one of them! I have Cook there too, I think it’s the best team I ever drafted. I only really went wrong at QB with Wentz lol

Oh man, I’m jealous. I dropped Tua for Carr. Against Atlanta, and Carr has played well at times - but I can’t shake the feeling that when your fantasy QB is Derek Carr you are likely well and truly fucked. Will know more by Sunday evening, I guess.

Wentz. First they blamed it on his OL, then the Ertz injury, then Sanders got hurt, etc etc etc. The guy has just played like crap is the problem, I reckon.

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Yeah he really fell off a cliff, weird.

Daaaamnn… bad week for the reigning champ.