4G vs 5G in Taipei - your experience

When I have been living in Taipei in 2020 I was using a 4G unlimited SIM card to open a hotspot and connect my laptop to it.

Since now I have a 5G enabled phone, is there a huge advantage in speed and stability with 5G? Does anyone use 5G in Taipei and what is your download/upload speed?

I’m not sure about the price for unlimited 5G though. My unlimited 4G was around 500 NTD per month.


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i have 4G, my wife has a newer phone with 5G. To be honest, for our day to day stuff (messaging apps, browsing, netflix and other streaming) i havent noticed any difference.

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Yeah I believe for daily stuff there is no difference. But I need to use a hotspot to connect my laptop to get some work done. So I am not quite sure which one to get (since I never had 5G and don’t know the difference in download/upload/ping)

Be careful with the contract tho. I’ve been looking to upgrade my internet lately too, and I realised most of the unlimited plan actually limit your internet speed when you share your internet through hotspot. Something like - 20GB of 5G internet for hotspot sharing per month. If you exceed the amount, it will be dropped down to 1~20mb 4G, which depends on the contract.

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I Have 5G with TW mobile. Most of the times I turn it off (limit the phone to use max 4G) to limit battery drainage (unfortunately 5G sucks a lot of juice). It is faster, currently it is also a bit “freer” since less users than 4G, so it lags less. Cannot complain at all with TW mobile so far, very good connection almost everywhere, prices are fair imo.