$50,000nt government rebate when buying a new car. Applies to foreigners?


What is the deal on giving your old car to the government to get crushed and they paying you $50,000?

Is this only if you buy a new car?


no way it’s 50k on its own , must be some kind of new car purchase tax rebate deal.


I found some stuff:

A government program to boost new-car sales – not specifically electric automobiles – provides an NT$50,000 rebate on commodity taxes to consumers who purchase a new car within six months of scrapping or exporting their used vehicle. Following the policy’s implementation last year, new-car sales rose just 4.5% in 2016 to 439,629 units, according to the Taiwan Transportation Vehicle Manufacturers Association (TTVMA). Still, the number of cars sold was the highest in a decade.




Do you think this applies to foreigners or only TW citizens?


I’m guessing per the Gogoro rebates, this will only be available to TW citizens. :2cents:


no one knows.

Dealership doesn’t know, the motor vehicle office doesn’t know they told me to ask sales at a dealership.
I e-mailed Ministry of Finance (https://www.mof.gov.tw/Eng/Detail/Index?nodeid=318&pid=70766) to ask them but no reply yet.