6 young folks killed in car crash

I didn’t see that this story had been posted, but maybe it has. So sad, six young lives gone in an instant. Car was too crowded (included a dog that also died) and was going too fast according to video.

Edit: Driver was unlicensed as well.

Story is in Chinese but if someone finds an English version please post.


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TBH I’m very happy they didn’t take my life or someone else’s.


Very sad. I didn’t read the article, but I bet no one was wearing seatbelts either. I remember my brother-in-law used to pack his wife, two kids, mom-in-law, me and my wife all in one SUV. Kids sitting on adults’ laps. And not a seatbelt in sight, except me and my wife. He’d also look at his phone too much when driving on the highway. Made me very nervous many times.


Other vehicles were not involved, but the unlicensed driver still took out five others in the car with him. I can’t image what the families are going through.

It is horrible. But personally I´ve been exposed to some people’s driving manners and skills and hoped they would kill themselves alone before taking any innocent life. Sounds harsh and it is harsh, but it is much worse when people do something stupid, selfish, very risky or a combination of several of the previous and as a result kill other people who just happened to be on their erratic way.

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Expect a lot of law suits and hongbaos.

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Someone posted earlier in “This Week’s WTF Story” thread.

Follow this thread for the absolute bare bones story in English. Leaves a ton of very important details out.

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Every time some ass almost hits us driving way past the speed limit on the highway or way too fast on some small city street we know they are on their to some temple to pray for “pingan”. We know the types who hate wearing seat belts and drive very recklessly…but very often pray to their gods to keep them safe. If we mention seatbelts they laugh and say if die is fate. I really do not understand the logic that you pray to a god to keep you safe but if you die due to lack of seatbelt is due to fate. I thought the prayers (and money) were spent to try to alter fate.


Unfortunately I have a couple in-laws like this, and their ignorance drives me nuts.

That’s the wrong assumption, expecting logic in Taiwan.


Seat belts save lives.

Me and my family survived a terrible crash with minor injuries. Car tire blew up on the autobahn going 120km/h. Car spun out of control, flew into the woods and flipped multiple times.
(This happened twenty years ago)


Sad, I know a bunch of teachers at that school.

TV news was showing videos of the crash from multiple angles. Haven’t seen any YouTube links.

Doesn’t look as bad as results. Kind of looks like they just slid across the road into a wall. Of course, compounding factors make it worse than appears.


So what exactly caused the accident?

Primary cause of the accident. 22 year old little shit, no license, no insurance, not his car, overloaded with 6 people, speeding like an idiot.

Contributing factor. The road is fucked up at that location. It’s a known issue. They were showing cars driving over it today on the news.

Basically the road has about a 10 cm drop where it shouldn’t be.

At any rate, the little shit driving was really moving and he hit the 10cm drop and the car wheels lost contact with the road and flew (Dukes of Hazzard style). When it came back down and the wheels reconnected with the road surface, he lost control of the car and crashed.

Watch the Next TV video at the 2:50 mark and you’ll hear them discuss it.

If you watch all the video clips I posted, you can see all the different video angles of the accident. The one that really shows clearly what happened is the other car’s camera which shows him blowing past at a super high rate of speed and then jumping airborne.

The main thing though, will be that all personal responsibility for the accident will be ignored and it will be completely the government’s fault for having an unsafe section of road. There will be no acceptance of personal responsibility…as usual. The families will sue the government and receive a payout.


I live up near Tayou road in Taipei. (Minsheng community) sooner or later the same thing will happen up there. You can hear cars racing on those roads around Sungshan airport right after the clubs close every Friday and Saturday night.


Same thing on north coast highway 2 between Sanzhi and Jinshan. I live up on the mountain, but on a windless night can hear all the racers, both motorcycles and cars.

I’m just waiting for a huge accident to occur up here. Probably end up crashing through a guardrail and into the ocean!


Some people have no idea about how fast they go even on city roads and streets, they forget that you have to be able to stop your vehicle for any obstacle at any time.


I don’t think so. THey may get some compensation, which might be right TBH, and hopefully the road will get fixed, but there will be an investigation to figure out how much overspeeding played a factor in the accident. Also I think that driving without a license will be a factor too. Maybe a lawyer familiar with this type of situations can cast some light.

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