7-11 "hot pot" tofu, fish balls et al

Getting settled in to taichung, have beem doing tea eggs and 7.11 hot pot. Today the tofu was all gone & i had to go for some of the mystery-meat & wondered: how good/ bad is it for me?

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You know the proverb, "When in Rome, … "
Do what locals do.
7-11 food are generally decent for late night hunt.
The “mystery meat” usually almost always pork.
Seafood stuff (be it fish balls, tako balls, or crabs) usually comes from surimi.
Roadkills are not that many to be commercially viable.

Maybe mystery-meat-ish and could be more tofu or something that looks like meat.

How bad for you are the fish balls & mystery-meat? How is the canned tuna?

You’ll be alright.

I think as long as you aren’t eating 7-11 every single day, and you’re making an effort to get all your food groups and balanced nutrition otherwise, you’ll be okay.

Never trust fish balls

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A foreign vlogger should do a 30 day blog eating at 711 every meal. I think it would be something new.


I wonder too OP. My daughter likes to eat fish balls cold right out of the package :nauseated_face:. She calls them fish dogs.


An interesting idea, although I’d be a little afraid to see what happens.

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I have been eating tofu and tea eggs at 7.11 two days in a row & due to the situation, it looks that way for a while

What’s your situation? You might prowl around your neighborhood a bit, see what else you can find.

It’s been done before, it’s called “suicide”.

To be honest I think eating 7-11 food every day isn’t going to be much better or worse for you than eating similarly priced food at any random Taiwanese joint. Maybe even better, since at least you’re getting the quality control for ingredients and cleanliness typical for big chains, versus the metaphorical (and perhaps literal) crapshoot that you’d get with a local boss.

Not saying it’s good, mind you.


Many Taiwanese people pretty much get most of their food from 711. Def not as good as cooking at home with fresh ingrediants. But you probably won’t die…right away.

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post work out , 7/11 tea eggs and yogurt work wonders

Canned tuna has MSG.

At least it would be varied.

I´d stay away from the salads, though.

The microwave meals with chicken and rice are pretty good actually if you’re hungry with no where else to go

The comparison of 7 and related same factory food shops to local eateries probably isny so much in the pruct as much as it is in its container and cooking.

My personal opinion on food in taiwan is that quality is always low. Right from the beginning. 7 11 is ay least inspected and hopefully teated. Similar like that case of mcdonalds french fry oil being used for 2 days before the whole oil scandal thing got popular im taiwan. But at mcdonalds we all know its totally trash food. But its tested to a base standard we can trust, albeit a low one. Many local shops arent test3d as such. If anything, its the food manufacturers that shoulder the entire burdon of safety and thats where we worry. 7 will always be like mcdonalds, above the bare minimum of the law. Local shops you just wont know so you can roll the dice. Its a common joke amongst people calling mcdonalds the healthy choice, but only cause its tested and inspected. 7 is more or less the same monster. But obviously bigger and more integrated into our lives.