7-11beer bar + cafe (and new Snoopy themed bar with Sapporo)

Drove past it, maybe will go back. Has anyone been to this one in Kaoshuing, the 7-11X with a beer on the 2nd floor? Car Park looked full.

Is it also a bar with bartenders or just a seating area? And also cashierless like in Taipei?

Probably has better prices than most of the bars in Taipei.

Later went in to look, has a bar with service but I did not drink maybe another !

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NT$67 monthly promo , Seems cheaper than most Taipei Bars or even a coffee.

The TTL bar in Taipei has very good prices also last I went the bartender is a real looker

Where is that one?

The 7-11 kitty-corner to Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital is pretty up to date on latest ways to offer beers, aside from a can or bottle in its fridge.

I drove past this one while it was being built and when it opened - people lining up for a 7/11!! Queue culture, I’ll just never understand it.

It’s just south of Cozzi on that major road the MRT runs up/down - East side of the street. I couldn’t find it on Maps.

Sit down bar inside, on 2nd floor. Served to you at the bar, beer bar not full bar.!

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Also always open? 24h?

Seems so, another one on Minzu Road, Peanuts cartoon theme for kids 7-11 but has bar with Sapporo draft ,


Decent crowd, beer with mates (and family) like a mini gastro pub haha.