$70,000 USD a Year. Where can you live comfortably in Western Europe?

That’s before deducting taxes.


Everywhere except Switzerland. It’s above average salary.

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depends what you mean by “comfortably.” one man’s comfortably is another’s slumming it.


It also depends on the number of mouths you have to feed. That’s good wage for one person living in the poorest part of the US, and poverty wage if you live in Manhattan.

Prague or Budapest. Live in political ignorance, enjoy the bliss.


Most of Europe. Silly question.


You can buy a whole village in rural Italy for that money. Every year.


How many mouths to feed? If > 1 and you like big city life, budget could get tight.

Nope, taxes will kill u. And then property taxes since only the first house is tax free as domicile.

Then utilities, very expensive.

Yes but you then rent them/lease them to folks who have a dream of doing them up .
Setup a hippy commune.
Whatever you like.

then u need to pay the taxes on the rental income and the “council tax” on those (a part is on the tenant, a part is on the landlord).

Unless you don’t want to go fully the Italian way and not paying taxes

There you go ruining the hippy commune dream :).
I’m sure it depends where, what etc…I guess most of those places are on isolated mountains.

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Anyways, to reply to the thread in general, 70K in Italy still bring you far enough, you can live a comfortable life even in Milan, which rn is the most expensive city in Italy where to live and work (not just holiday destination), even better in medium cities or other “big” cities like Bologna, Turin, Verona, Padua. In the South 70K makes basically u like the 1% down there.

Taxes will get a big chunk of it (for this bracket, which is the highest, more than 40%), but it will be more than enough to live decently even with kids and partner entirely relying on your salary. Many families get by with less than that with Kids.


They are, or deep in the countryside far from any decently size centre of “civilisation”, so basically no services or infrastructure around.

AS romantic it might be, living without running water, gas, electricity and phone line (no comment on internet, my farm still doesn’t have ADSL, using satellite internet) is not nice at all.


The OP said Western Europe. Italy is not Western Europe, it’s Southern Europe.

I would assume he meant France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Lichtenstein, etc…

I read about a Brit buying one of those super cheap rural places in Italy. Part of the deal was he had to renovate it to completion within three years. He couldn’t find a local builder who would agree to do it in the end, and ended up giving the property back to the agent.

He didn’t exactly specify UN geoscheme… I don’t think most people.would.have a problem with Italy being labeled as Western Europe… I would label it as such, being raised in the 80s with the cold war front and center.

Oh, snap, Spain and Portugal are Southern Europe by UN geoscheme too! So by what definition are you so authoritatively defining Italy as not Western Europe? :wink:


So according to UN geoscheme, only Ireland, Portugal and UK are western Europe, since Germany, Switerland and Austria should be Central. Non-sense as u see.

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Yes just ignore that comment. Itay is definitely Western Europe.
70k USD wouldn’t get you far in most big cities in Ireland, UK, France, Holland I guess. But towns and villages its fairly easy living if it is guaranteed income.
Yep taxes will take a chunk of it first unless you are getting it in cash somehow.

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@OysterOmelet , go to Romania or countries of former Yugoslavia