70 People from 70 Countries Imitate Americans (Taiwanese too)

Interesting and funny video, whats real and what people think is funny.


Too accurate. I think those are paid American actors :wink:


That seemed like California. But what about our different regions? I laugh at my husband’s mid-western accent and his family laughs at my southern drawl.
In college, I worked in Charleston as a front desk assistant and had the hardest time understanding who to send calls to. They drive over the Cuppa (Cooper) river bridge…


That’s the first time I’ve ever heard the expression “That’s so fetch.”

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You’ve never seen Mean Girls?

This one is funnier.

This one isn’t as funny but that Italian guy is GORGEOUS.

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No, but I know what the “Mean Girls” stereotype is. Does that mean “That’s so fetch” just comes from that stereotype and isn’t actually something people say in real life?

No it’s one of the most iconic quotes in that movie, which is one of the most quotable movies of all time.

You are probably the only person in the English-speaking world who’s never seen that movie.

Haha! Maybe! I just never thought it looked appealing. But maybe I should watch it just for the pop-culture knowledge.

I like the channel. Very interesting videos there!
But the most helpful one is this one:

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I get the feeling they’re mostly foreigners living in the U.S. long term. The Belgian girl with the vocal fry was perfect.

I’ve never seen it.


Old people don’t count.


I’ve not even heard of it.

Thats a good thing…i heard my family/friends saying that in Canada way back when, nearly made me slap a…cant say… to be fair, the people piling onto new social media/tv/whatever dumb trends with no substance between their ears when they regurgitate sounds, generally arent worth having meaningful conversations with. Thats so harsh, but very much real in real life. Thats why forums are useful, people from all walks of life can talk without the judgements of how bad we speak to each other. I find this often the case online. For example me and gain seemingly disagree strongly on certain aspects of life, but at least both of us care enough to put some effort into what we shit on each other about :slight_smile: its a healthy discourse to go back and forth. that said, if anyone spends the time to debate someone and says thats so fetch…go f*ck yourself. Seriously.

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Blogs started to push aside forums for a little while, what, 10-12 years ago?

I never liked it due to the asymmetry of participation. Very often you agreed with the blogger, or you were labeled a troll, and were ejected from the community. You could not call out people’s BS.

I have also never even heard of it.

Well I think we have established that old people don’t pay attention to movies of the 2000s and pop culture in general.

Anyway Mean Girls is a hilarious, clever movie about American high school with an endless list of iconic quotes. That’s all you need to know.

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Interesting. This is the first time in my life I have been referred to as “old”. Being in your 40s is old now? When did that happen?

Had to happen eventually I guess …

Am I allowed to start saying, " Youngsters these days … " ???

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I’ve asked two chaps who have seen it and they said it’s a shitty movie.

However, I will give it a try.

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I am in my 20s and I think I am very old.