80's theme party: Absolute necessities?

I’d like to throw an 80’s themed party.

So far the idea I’ve got is:
Everyone comes dressed as an 80s music Idol or movie / TV character.

What foods from the 80s would be an absolute must?

Drinks popular in the 80s?

Will do one movie with a projector.
Movie suggestion? (something high energy)

And any other ideas are welcome.

I plan on importing whatever I can’t find in Taiwan to make this work. Venue can be both indoor and outdoor and can transition from one to the other and can fit up to 30 to 40 people.


Or 80s Taiwan?


Dirty Dancing, Flashdance, Footloose, Ghostbusters, Back to the Future

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I should have seen that one coming. Ha!

Interesting question…maybe both 80s Taiwan and 80s US/UK.

Was there much of a difference in trends and pop culture between Taiwan and US/UK?

Grr. I opened this thread just to post that.

Spitting Image dolls? Looped Phil Collins? You’ll definitely need gallons of hair gel and lots of shoulder pads.

Breakfast Club. The dancing scene especially.

Tab cola, rollerskating, lots of hairspray for girls and anything New Wave.

Taiwan was still under martial law until 1987.

My Taiwan friends say mostly Western 80s music like Air Supply and that make sense cuz it still on the radio in every taxi today.

There was some Taiwan Chinese also music popular but it was mostly the romantic stuff.

Movies were mostly from Hong Kong because Taiwan had not open yet to the glory movie days of Taiwan in the 90s.

Yeah, I’ll show one 80s kung-fu film iconic in Taiwan and one iconic US film.

I’ll have all the movie snacks and snacks you loved in general from you both sides of the pacific.

What were your go to movie snacks back then?

I’ll also have toys and games people can mess around with together to bring back memories.


Not true. American movies were huge in Taiwan in the 80s, and playing everywhere. I remember seeing movies like Fatal Attraction, Good Morning Vietnam, Rainman…

Okay, I was just talking about the Chinese movies and what the people sitting around me right now are saying was popular but they were probably too young to remember.

New Coke!

As for fashion, here, watch this:

Converse shoes, that 80s hair, the karate kid, E.T., Max Headroom, 21 Jump street.

Dressing up like Poison and Twisted sister and similar bands.

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I still vote for Pacino in Scarface. :slight_smile:

How I remember the 80s


They’re just kids, man…let them have a little fun.

Milk Duds, Junior Mints, Hot Tamales, Raisinettes, Whoppers Malted Milk Balls, Red Vines, Mike & Ikes

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Don’t forget @Andrew0409’s favorite, Twizzlers!

If I recall correctly, Twizzlers weren’t sold in theaters where I’m from back then. I think Red Vines had a monopoly on that market niche.

So you never smuggled your own snacks in?

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You bought your snacks at the theaters instead of sneaking in your own?! What an odd concept.